A very eventful and exciting couple of days!

Well Ishmael United have finally emerged from spending 2 days in the rehearsal studio. Did we struggle a bit?

Well just a little.

Willsy struggled on keeping up with the rhythms on some of the manic tracks, Dave struggled to get his keyboard working, I struggled trying to play Am and Larry struggled to stay awake…but that is understandable as he is the most senior member of our old boys band!

But…I have to say we were all amazed at how well the songs came together.

Eight tracks are well and truly on their way to sounding great and all eight tracks only last 24 minutes total.

My lips are sealed as to the titles we have chosen..that secret will only be revealed on the big day.

But I think the greatest miracle is that this must be the very first time Ish United have spent 2 days together…and there was not one argument. That must be a first!

We did have lots and lots of laughs though.

We are all so excited about the gig in May. This set is going to rock…and you won’t have heard anything like it since ah…1979 and that is guaranteed!