Visiting old friends!

What a day I have had today travelling and visiting dear friends who I have known for years and who are now well into their 80s. They have been major influences on my life and ministry.

I visited Philip & Hilary Vogel.
I grew up in the same Christian community as ‘Uncle’ Philip and ‘Auntie’ Hilary and It was Philip who first nicknamed me Ishmael (Ianstuartsmale…get it?) when I was 11 and as it means ‘God hears’ I’ve happily stuck with it for the past 67 years!

Also Phil as director of youth for Christ was a great help to Andy and I when we first hit the road back in 1970.

I also visited and had lunch with David and Enid Pawson. I’ve known and travelled with David over many years and to my mind he is the best Bible teacher of this generation. It was David who endorsed ‘Land of hope and glories’ back in 1980 and we became instant life long friends at our first meeting.

David was in good spirits but sadly not well enough to travel and teach any longer. However the great news is that with all his teaching available on downloads, future generations will continue to be blessed by his in depth teaching.

So a wonderful day talking and laughing with a couple of my true personal heroes. I really do thank God for them.