Final Lincolnshire ‘Sting’ tour details

Just to let you know that because this tour includes February 14th I am adding a little ‘Valentines touch’ to each of the 4 concerts.

Of course it will remain guaranteed fun and interestingly thought provoking for both singles and couples.

Here are the details in case you are anywhere near Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire on the following dates or want to pass it on to friends who are.

Tuesday Feb 13th
Venue. Lighthouse Church. 10 Haverfield Road, Spalding.
Starting time 7.00pm Admission charge at the door £5.00

Wednesday Feb 14th
Venue. The Rodney Hotel. North Street. Horncastle.
Starting time 7.30pm Admission charge at the door £5.00

Thursday Feb 15th
Venue. St Lukes Church. Jasmine Road. Birchwood.
Starting time 7.00pm Admission charge at the door £5.00

Friday Feb 16th
Venue. Betel Community Church. Rawson Street. Nottingham.
Starting time 7.30pm Admission Free as the Church are sponsoring the concert.