2019 Concerts

Still carefully and prayerfully thinking about and planning my concerts for next year.

Obviously the ‘Scripture Song’ concert is a cert and after August (when I reach 70) the ‘Big Celebration’ concert will come into action.

But then I was thinking about the ‘Sting in the Tale’ testimony concert which I’ve done dozens of times around the country and has been so appreciated and also the ‘Glorie Days’ concert which really never took off!
It’s a shame because I believe the ‘Glorie Days’ concert has some of the most amazing faith building stories, and some of the best songs I think I have written…and without doubt were probably some of my happiest days in ministry!

So I have had an idea.

Starting next year I’m going to combine ‘Sting in the Tale’ and ‘Glorie Days’ and make them into one concert called ‘The History of Ishmael.’

I’ll keep it at 90 minutes long but I will select the best stories and songs from each concert and make it older child friendly and of course fun!

So 3 concerts will be available (for all ages to enjoy) and each Church can choose which they prefer and which would most suit their situation.

Sounds like a plan!