A Scripture Song Concert review

A few weeks ago I did one of my Scripture Song concerts at St Philips Church in Bradford.

Zarine who organised the event sent me this…which I think sums up a little of what my travelling concerts are all about.

The Scripture Songs concert felt like spending time with a mate who was helping you revise for an exam, a mate who has a guitar and a talent for putting the study material to catchy tunes.

I’d have liked more people to have come but a small group worked very well with the acoustic set, better than a more lavish production would have done.

Ish says.

My concerts are deliberately informal and intimate, numbers attending really are not important because it’s those who attend and want to be there that I have come to entertain and minister to.

I mean, Jesus did face large crowds but He also seemed to spend a lot of His time with just 12 people and often even cut the 12 down to 3!

I really don’t need vast buildings, I can bring all the gear (including projector and screen) to do a concert in a cosy small hall if you have one…maybe needs to be a little larger than a lounge though to fit my shop in :)!