Remember any of these songs?

During 2019 I will still be touring with the ‘double’ concert. This is a mix of my ‘Sting in the Tale’ testimony concert and my ‘Glorie Days’ concert telling exciting stories and singing songs linked with my 35 years in children’s ministry.

Later in the year comes the ‘Big Celebration’ concert where I will be wanting you to join me singing and praising God for allowing me to be 50 years on the road (in ministry) and 70 years on the earth (in living).

But also I will be doing will be the ‘Scripture Song’ concert, which is both fun and learning for all ages and has proved very popular.

That being the case…heres a little quiz for some of you.

Here are some of the Scripture Songs that I will be reviving ‘live’ on the night…can you remember any of them?

We will praise, we will praise, we will praise the Lord / Hebrews 11 v 6 / 3.9.thirty nine / the creation song / delight yourself in the Lord / in the 16th verse / the New Testament song / 5000 plus / old friends, new friends / Corinthian gifts / Galatian fruit / for if you forgive men / do not store up treasures / don’t be afraid / thank you Lord for the food / Jesus said let little children / the Lords prayer / Jehovah Jireh / put on the sword of the Spirit / we believe in Hebrews 13:8 / though the grass may wither / why do you look here / my God shall supply / Jesus said if you have faith / you never put a light / Father God I wonder and the Lord bless you.

A night to remember (literally) and still plenty of dates available in 2019 if you fancy a visit and a very special all age ‘musical Bible Study.’

An endorsement from an organiser.
The Scripture Songs concert felt like spending time with a mate who was helping you revise for an exam, a mate who has a guitar and a talent for putting the study material to catchy tunes. I’d have liked more people to have come but a small group worked very well with the acoustic set, better than a more lavish production would have done. Zirane Billam (St Philips Church, Bradford)