Happy New Year!

So another exciting year is about to begin but there are a couple of major decisions that I will need to make as the year progresses.

On reaching 70 in August my wonderful 12 years spent as the Chichester Cathedral Missioner Deacon will come to an end as it will be time for me to retire.

Of course I will be praying about obtaining a PTO (permission to officiate license) which will allow me to carry on preaching, but this decision will ultimately be made by the Bishop and the Dean.

And on reaching 50 fantastic years of national travelling musical ministry I will be assessing if that too should conclude at the end of 2019.

You all know that I still love travelling and doing my Praise Parties, Concerts and All Age Services, and I am so grateful to God for keeping me fit and healthy to continue doing them but…., I don’t want keep doing something that may thrill me…but really no longer thrills people in Churches up and down the country.

At the end of the year I believe that the signs for me to bring the travelling musical ministry to a close will be

if I feel that what I do is no longer effective and being used by God


if the invites start fading, which will signify to me that what I do is no longer wanted or needed in today’s Church, which after 50 years is quite understandable.

So I’ll have to wait and see what 2020 has in store!

But hey…back to 2019, I’m getting ahead of myself!

As I have mentioned before I am already really looking forward to my visits to Chichester in January, Footscray and Portsmouth in February, Crawley, Enfield and Bishop Auckland in March, at the Spring Harvests in Minehead, and Skegness in April, Swindon and Alfold in May, Bristol in June and Weston Super Mare in September….And maybe even your Church sometime this coming year.

Yep, I’ve got a very happy new year ahead, and now it’s time to wish all you wonderful friends the same.

May you all have a very happy and healthy new year and may it be really blessed by God!