Sunday at Lincoln

As promised, let me tell you a little about the amazing Sunday morning service at Ignite Church in Lincoln.

Yes it was a bit of a shock to arrive at a church and the leader to inform me that before each service a bouncy castle is inflated next to the staging area (not far from the strobe and coloured flashing lights) but hey, this is Ignite Church so nothing was going to surprise me!

On the Saturday I had made friends with some of the lovely children so when I arrived on the Sunday they ran up to me and wanted to sit with me and chat. Fantastic.

As the service began the bouncy castle was deflated but praise God the children weren’t as they seemed excited about the service to follow.

Leader Darren informed the smokers where to go if they needed a ciggie then after introducing me, suddenly remembered he’d forgotten to pick someone up so ran out the door shouting I’ll be back soon!
The service was fantastic.

Yep, I did enjoy the holy chaotic time at Ignite because I knew that Jesus was in the midst!

This church has built a community within a community comprised of a very different group of people who dare I say would have problems fitting in with any other church I have visited however lively or traditional.

Darren is an out and out evangelist and being used mightily by God. Please do pray for him and the other leaders at Ignite church.

They have already said they would like me to return and it would be a pleasure…but next time I will know what to expect..I think!

This Sunday I’m preaching at Chichester Cathedral…with no bouncy castle!

As I’ve told you before, every week is different for me and Its such a joy worshipping God in the extreme variety of places I visit and none is better than another!

I’ve got the best job on earth!