Ish’s Daily Discography. Albums 1 & 2

As I’ve still plenty of time to spare at the mo I thought we could have a bit more fun together.Each day I will post up 2 albums that I’ve recorded (in order) to remind you (and me) of all the tracks on them and also say a few words about each. Just to remind you that all these albums are still available from our website shop either as whole album downloads, whole album hard copy CDs (which I will post to you) or if you prefer you can download any track individually.

Ready Salted was recorded in the strangest studio, well large room actually, where the only instruments allowed were Andy and my guitars. We were surrounded by youth from our church youth group who sang along with us. Nearly all tracks were done first take, no overdubs or extra instruments and the recording was completed in just a few hours. Talk about low budget…this album was no budget but with that in mind, it actually came out rather well I think.

The Charge of the Light Brigade was my first solo and definitely my most controversial album. Yep it got banned from all good Christian bookshops.Why? Well humour was only just being allowed in the pulpit, it had yet to enter Christian songs. I thought I would write some ‘tongue in cheek’ songs to get across some serious points, sadly the Christian bookshop owners it seems did not share my sense of humour!

Ready Salted Ishmael and Andy (1973)

1) Salt & Light Company 2) Psalm 139 3) Paddy 4) Son of God 5) Who is He 6) Hallelujah Chorus 7) We got Jesus, We got joy 8) Schitzo 9) Charisma 10) All God’s Children 11) I’m so happy 12) The Lords Army

The Charge of the Light Brigade (1977)

1) Charge of the Light Brigade 2) Spiritual Stagnation 3) Mission to Seagulls 4) Simon and the gypsy 5) I am just a Charismatic 6) Laodicean Church 7) Christian Strait Jacket 8) Sixth Virgin 9) King of Glory 10) Amen and Praise De Lord