Ish’s Daily Discography. Albums 3 & 4/5

As I’ve still plenty of time to spare at the mo I thought we could have a bit more fun together.Each day I will post up 2 albums that I’ve recorded (in order) to remind you (and me) of all the tracks on them and also say a few words about each. Just to remind you that all these albums are still available from our website shop either as whole album downloads, whole album hard copy CDs (which I will post to you) or if you prefer you can download any track individually.

Recording ‘Amazin’ was great fun as After the Fire joined me and we recorded ‘Live’ in a church hall. This was one of the first recordings where ‘worship’ lyrics to put to rock music and I remember the producer thinking it was blasphemous. Ok the qualities not good but I think the listener can still sense the fun that ‘me and the lads’ had together.

‘Saved & 30’ were both studio albums but I enjoyed recording ‘Saved’ far more than I did ’30’ Rev Counta was far more serious in every way than the crazy Ish Utd.

Album 3

It’s Amazin what Praisin can do 1978

1) When Revival hits our town 2) Praise Away 3) It’s Amazin what Praisin can do 4) Soul Man 5) I Will Sing a Song unto the Lord 6) Martyrs Praise Song7) Who is He in yonder stall 8) Benedictus 9) Lords Army / Royal Prayer Force 10) Song of Emmanuel 11) Jesus Christ is Risen Today 12) Kiss the hand of Jesus 13) We are coming to His house

Albums 4 & 5 (Double Album)

If you can’t shout saved Ishmael United 1979 / 1980

1) Song of the last generation 2) Star on Sunday 3) Bartimaeus 4) If you can’t shout saved 5) Jesus trip 6) Don’t rock de boat 7) Crowd trouble 8) Schizo 9) Now it’s all gone wrong 10) Caroline Robbins 11) Jesus is making a comeback 12) The Glories

Life begins at thirty Rev Counta & the Speedoze

1) All mixed up 2) Love so great 3) Motex 4) Hell ain’t for heroes 5) For what we are about to receive 6) Dr Heckle & Mr Snyde 7) Marksman 8) No coincidence 9) 2 years on a camel 10) Every circus needs a strong man 11) Marmite sandwiches 12) Ferguson’s mule 13) Miss us 14) Wot a life