A new Scripture Song CD?

Dear friends,

Over the past few weeks I have been praying about something and I want to put out a few feelers to you to see if I should go ahead with an idea.Although I’ve written dozens of simple songs to help people to learn and memorise Bible verses, apart from the 52 track Scripture Song compilation, I’ve only released 2 albums specifically with that in mind. Scripture Praise Party in 1987 and Bible Belters in 1996.

I am now wondering, 24 years later, if it’s now time to do another Scripture Song album…. or maybe there is no longer the need for these short simple songs.I am planning that the album should have 25 tracks…. I’ve already written 25 but I’m going to continue to write a load more and just record the 25 that I feel are the best.

The trouble is, no company is going to want to pay for an album like this, especially after the past few very difficult months. They know it is not going to make them any money, in fact it’s unlikely to even cover its cost. One Christian organisation has said though that if I finance the recording they will sort out the cover, distribution etc. which is very kind of them.

I really don’t want to release an album that is just me strumming an acoustic guitar. I really do want make album 35 match up to my other albums especially Scripture Praise Party and Bible Belters with the songs professionally arranged and with professional musicians involved.I want people to enjoy listening to it as well as enjoy using it as a resource in their homes and churches.

So here’s the feelers.2 things.

1) Do you think I should go ahead and do this or is my idea now too dated after all these years? I really do not want to pursue something that is no longer going to help and bless people.

2) Maybe, just maybe there are one or two of you out there who have been blessed by God financially and feel that this is a project that you feel you would like to financially help support and sponsor.The basic budget I am looking for will roughly be £4,000 which of course is very low for a 25 track album but I think I could make it work for that sum.So, If the funding does comes in, and you tell me that there is still a need for Scripture learning songs I will believe that it right that I should go ahead with this new album. Actually, I feel rather excited about it!

Thank you so much for reading this and I would seriously value your prayers at this time.If you would like to know more about the funding, please could you e mail me at ishmael@ishmael.org.uk