I really would like more diary bookings….please.

Just checking the diary and brilliant news, September is full and the first 2 weekends in January have now gone.
But….I really would like some of you to invite me to be with you in October, November and December.

I fear if you don’t I’ll only stay at home gardening and getting stung by more wasps!

Seriously I know many Churches are still concerned about numbers returning but I repeat again, I love small audiences and let’s give those who have decided to return some lively praise a bit of simple teaching and a lot of smiles and fun!

Also we will have the ‘Our cancer journey’ book and the ‘Scripture Praise Party Vol 2’ CD out by then.These will only be available from us.

So if you are even slightly interested in me popping to see you (where ever you are) please e mail me at ishmael@ishmael.org.uk and I’ll send you more info.

After a year and a half break…I really don’t need another 3 month break…Hey! I’ve even put on some new guitar strings so I really am raring to go again!