The Lincoln Grapevine / One Event Celebration

It was a wonderful time although I did feel a little ‘the odd man out standing on my lonesome’ as the rest of the day the stage was filled with great worship bands and excellent preachers.

And….what I did was ah sort of different! I think I was definitely the ‘light entertainment’ of the day as all the songs I sang were pre 1985!

I think I fulfilled an important role though as it was 3pm post lunch and a hot sunny afternoon. I think my job was to wake everyone up with dancing and marching songs…and I think I achieved that! ?

Just to prove how rather different my set was from everyone’s else’s….these are the songs I sang which in fact were very popular at the time we were doing the Glorie Company for many years at Grapevine.

The Glorie song (down in a noisy small valley)

We are in Gods army

Hebrews 11 verse 6

Lord you put a tongue

We will praise we will praise

I will wave my hands in praise and adoration

Father God I wonder

Nostalgic set…of course….lively set…you betcha…Did I enjoy myself…. Loved every minute of the 20 I was given!