Moving on to Wrington

Moving on…another week, and YES, praise God….another gig to look forward to next Sunday!

This time it’s a special ‘All Age Celebration’ on Sunday September 12th at Wrington Chapel, Ropers Lane, Wrington, Bristol, BS40 5NF We ‘kick off’ at 9.30am and it will last approx 1 hour.

Whatever age you are, if you live anywhere nearby do come and join in the fun. I promise you there will be no long sermons or long prayers, but there will be plenty of singing, teaching and laughter…which we all need at this time I think.

Oh and we did the keyboard overdubs for Scripture Praise Party 2 yesterday, this album really has some great tracks on it, you’ll love it! Nearly finished, just the mix to do, track order to work out and cover to complete then I’ll let you know when it’s available.