‘When Did We See You?’

Twenty years ago Irene and I visited Costa Rica, Central America as patrons of Educación Plus, a Christian charity working with young people in the shanty towns. We still feel honoured to be their patrons to this day.

We have the greatest respect for our long time friend Keith, he always has been ‘sold out’ for the shanty town folk of Costa Rica, living amongst them, often in dangerous situations and presenting Christ to them both in deed and word.

I deliberately put deed first because showing these desperately needy families (mostly children) the love of Jesus practically has given him amazing opportunities to share the good news that Jesus brings in word and see many respond and follow Christ.

Irene and I have no hesitation endorsing Keith’s book and believe it will be an ‘eye opener’ to all who buy and read it.

Educación Plus founder Keith Holder has written a book about the reality of life in a shanty town: Rickety shacks made from wood or tin with no running water, sewers or legal electricity and little opportunity to improve your lot or move out; and an unforgiving social environment where drugs are rife and desperation to survive often leads to joining a gang and violent crime. But another path and a better life are possible, giving new meaning to Jesus being ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life’ whatever your circumstances.

Experience just a few of the adventures and meet just some of the people the Holders knew and grew to love as they started the charity and saw it develop into a super-sized extended family.

215 pages including maps and colour photographs
Price: £11.99 + £2.00 p&p (self-published; all profits go to Educación Plus charity)
Order your copy from: keith_holder@eplus.or.cr (please use code: ISH)