Today’s new Scripture Song ‘Nahum, Nahum, Nahum, Nahum’ (Nahum 1 verse 3)

Please invite your friends to join in and tune in with us on Sundays, Wednesdays and for a limited time Fridays.

And today we are singing and memorising Nahum 1 verse 3

Nahum, Nahum, Nahum, Nahum’

This is a fun way to learn todays Scripture verse…dare I say a tad Pink Panther-ish!

For home use only. If you choose to use an Ishmael song in a public setting, please add the song title to your churches CCLI ID for this song CCLI #ID 7208914 Nahum Nahum Nahum

‘This song is written by Ishmael (Ian Smale) and copyright by Song Solutions Daybreak.

This is a new song that has not been recorded onto any Ish albums yet. All my songs are deliberately easy to play, sing and learn and if you fancy having a go at singing and playing this one, you will find the words and chords on my Ishmaels Songs YouTube Channel

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