Ish’s plans and targets for 2023

I was waiting to hear the results from the CT scan before I updated you on this years plans and targets, but my GP has just informed me that I’m not likely to hear much until after my MRI scan in 6 weeks’ time, so ‘no news must be good news’ and I think I can rightfully assume that the brain is getting back to being its crazy self!

I am thrilled to announce that the Lord has not revealed to me that my travelling and praise party days have come to an end just yet, so I am assuming that until He tells me otherwise, I must keep on doing what I so love doing. Hallelujah!

But having listened to some of your caring and helpful suggestions and comments I will be making some slight adjustments.

In the future I am only planning to join you for two types of concerts.

The first obviously is Ish’s Praise Party.

This can be for all ages or mainly for adults (that’s for Churches who do not have many children)….. why should just the young’uns have all the fun!

I need some fun so…at all praise parties I will of course be gently sharing the good news of Jesus, and these will definitely be fun, fun, fun and packed with interaction, and lots of simple Ish songs that we can all sing together. Also, I will not be singing just my latest songs, I will be singing a lot of my songs that over the years you seemed to have enjoyed the most. I’ll even ask organisers to help me to choose some of them.

I will no longer be doing Sunday all age services but will happily do a Sunday morning praise party instead. To be honest, there never was much difference. But I am insisting that all the Sunday praise parties I do must have a real party atmosphere not a traditional religious service one. Yup, including a few party decorations (not too many balloons as they always go pop) and even possibly followed by a party lunch for those attending.

From October to March I no longer will be doing evening events.
None of us like going out at night much during those dark, wet, cold, winter months so instead I will just be doing Saturday afternoon praise party ‘matinees’ when young and old can enjoy safer travelling in daylight.
I think we will find that matinees will be far more popular throughout the winter with all ages.

From April to September with more daylight, it’s your choice matinees or early evening praise parties.

The only other concert I will be doing is the ‘When the road is rough and steep’ testimony concert for adults…because I promised the Lord if He kept me alive, I would do it to encourage any going through difficult times. Same as the praise parties regarding timings.

I am planning (God willing) to get back ‘on the road’ properly in March, yes, I again have listened to you and been fairly sensible (for me) and will then have taken at least a 3 month recovery break.

Finally, and most importantly, I am now ready to accept invites after February and already have Bognor, Stowmarket, South Wales, and Rutland in the diary. Wherever you are, do keep them coming in, these are really what helps to keep me alive!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, still a couple more months to go but I’m already getting my fingers warmed up and excited!

If you wish to know more about inviting me, please e mail me at

Just on a very personal note.
If God has blessed any of you financially and you would like to help a 52 year old ‘ongoing’ ministry through some non-earning months, I would be more than grateful.