Join us each Sunday and learn a brand new Scripture song.Today it’s 2 Cor 1 v 3-4

Please invite your friends to join in and tune in with us every Sunday

I believe that God often speaks to us through Bible verses, and if God just speaks to one person through the words of this Scripture Song, it’s been worth writing it.

And today we are singing and memorising 2 Cor 1 v 3-4

Praise be to God the Father (The comfort song)

Ideal if your theme is to comfort and be comforted

A brand new easy to sing and play Scripture song that I’ve not yet recorded. The video is very basic, you’re hearing it just as I wrote it, no musical arrangements just guitar and vocals. Tunes for these little songs are just the boxes that hold the treasure. I want them to be catchy, but the main thing I want is that we learn the Scripture and allow God to speak to us through His words. Please note, I am singing it in a key that suits my voice, feel free to change it in into a key that suits yours.

Words and chords can be seen on my Ishmaels Songs YouTube Channel where can also watch me singing 350 more of my songs.

If you do choose to use / play this Ishmael song in a public setting, it is written by Ishmael (Ian Smale) and copyright by Song Solutions Daybreak. Please also add the song title to your churches CCLI listing. CCLI ID# 7215914 PRAISE BE TO GOD THE FATHER

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