‘Our Cancer Journey’ book with free ‘Songs & Hymns’ CD

A reminder that ‘Our Cancer Journey’ book is still available both as a hard copy book and as a download price £5 plus £4 p&p (it’s an easy read but a heavy book to post with 250 pages).

It’s totally honest, intimate, detailed and most of all encouraging for the reader.

I share my ups and downs as a leukaemia sufferer whilst Irene shares the difficulties of being a carer.

But we share far more than just cancer experiences, it’s for any going through difficult times.

We’ve had wonderful responses from the many that have read it.

It’s not on Amazon or in bookshops, it is only available from our website shop.

As I was recovering I released an album called ‘Songs & Hymns’ which is one of my favourite albums with some special guest singers on it.

The album has both new and some of my old songs on it and it is all about trusting God and praising Jesus, I played it over and over again and it really helped in my ‘mind’ healing.

From now until Easter Sunday, if you buy the book I want to give you a free copy of that album either as a cd or download.