Ish’s Updates. JUNE

Hi everyone

I decided to take a break for the summer…or to be more precise, because I didn’t get any invites….. I decided to take a break for the summer!
However, I’ll be back travelling in September and the good news is all invites that come in from now on will be charged less in expenses thanks to friends kindly offering to help sponsor my visits.

Hospital Chaplaincy and visiting unwell people.
Still keeping me busy both outside and inside the local hospital. Once a week I’m still enjoying walking around wards visiting seriously ill people usually making them smile as I try and show a little of the love of Jesus to them. I work with a small team of other volunteer chaplains, and we all are allocated our own wards to visit.

Once a month I deacon at the 11.15am Sung Eucharist Service and before that do a short talk and 2 songs at the 9.15 Family Communion Service. This month I spoke on ‘worry / fears’ and taught them ‘I once was frightened of spiders’ and ‘don’t be afraid’. Very enjoyable but without doubt this is one of the most exhausting things I do.

Treasure clear-out.
Still sorting through a lot of my old memorabilia from the past 55 years. I know when I eventually move on, I can’t take all these things with me…but my children are praying that I can!

Yep still writing plenty of my little Scripture songs and so pleased that more and more of you are tuning in to Ishmaels Songs YouTube channel on Sundays and Wednesdays to hear them.

Finally, this month ‘Ishy’s Hits”.

Most watched brand new June Scripture Song
‘We know the one who raised Jesus from the dead’
I am slightly surprised it’s this song with the short, catchy, unforgettable, title

Top new / old song
‘The mustard seed song’
Throughout June this new /older Scripture song had more views on my YOUTUBE channel than ‘Father God I Wonder. Wow.

Top selling website shop CD / download
‘I know Jesus loves me’
Maybe because this is an album the children can easily sing along with on long car journeys or maybe it’s time for Sunday School prizes.

Anyway, a very happy, healthy July to one and all.
I’ll be back with your July update….after July has finished!