Answer to prayer.

As you know I am continually praying for more opportunities to fulfil my itinerant calling and visit more and more Churches to bring to them a bit of fun and teaching through my music and chat and every time I get an invite…I thank God for my prayer being answered.

My new album ‘Scripture Praise Party 2’ is due to be released on November 1st (thank you everyone for your advanced orders). Well, the great news is on Sunday November 7th I will be returning to St Mary’s Magdalenes Church in South Bersted to share with them ‘live’ some of those brand new songs…. and their actions.

Even better news is that Emily (who trained the childrens choir) and some of the children who actually sang so wonderfully for me on that album will also be there to sing along with me.This is so exciting and I repeat, I really am praising God for another opportunity to serve Him and hopefully to bless all ages who will be there.

So the 21 songs are already recorded….now to think up some movement and actions to go with them….that should be fun, I’ve not done that since the Bigger Barn album way back in 2010…may be a tad less energetic leaping and jumping around nowadays!

Advanced orders for Scripture Praise Party 2 now available!

As some of you have requested, my Scripture Praise Party 2 CD (Physical) is now available to order in advance from here in our our website shop.

The official release date is November 1st when the album will also be available as a download but as advance orders obviously are really helpful to me, to thank all who order in advance, not only will I include a free copy of my Scripture Praise Party 1 CD (1987) but I will try and post it to you before the official release date and of course 1st class.

About Scripture Praise Party 2

A unique album….well, where else are you going to find an album released nowadays of solid Scripture songs to learn and enjoy that are suitable for all ages.

21 short songs. Brilliant ‘live’ musicians. But maybe it should come with a health warning as Duggie Dug Dug has already discovered some of the songs are annoyingly catchy!

As well as me singing, you will also hear the sweet sounds of both adults and children singing along with me.

And the songs themselves…well, without exaggeration, they do cover most styles of music and yes as you would expect, one or two definitely contain my quirky sense of humour.

My first album for 11 years, I do hope that you enjoy it!

The cover you see is a temporary cover.

This album will initially only be available from my website shop or at my live gigs. Please pass word around to any you think may be interested.

Thank you

Wrington Review

I realise that tags and labels mean little nowadays but this morning at Wrington Chapel was the first time that I had been invited to a United Reformed Church for a long time.

This mornings cafe style service was packed and although this was my first time there and I don’t think many knew either me or my songs, it did not take long before everyone was singing, laughing and listening whilst happily chewing on the banquet of food that had been provided.

So another great morning, another great opportunity to do what I love doing most (and I’m not talking about eating) and lots of new friends of all ages made.

I loved every minute of it!

Thank you Duncan for the invite and thank you Wrington Chapel for turning up this morning and making me feel so welcome.

Moving on to Wrington

Moving on…another week, and YES, praise God….another gig to look forward to next Sunday!

This time it’s a special ‘All Age Celebration’ on Sunday September 12th at Wrington Chapel, Ropers Lane, Wrington, Bristol, BS40 5NF We ‘kick off’ at 9.30am and it will last approx 1 hour.

Whatever age you are, if you live anywhere nearby do come and join in the fun. I promise you there will be no long sermons or long prayers, but there will be plenty of singing, teaching and laughter…which we all need at this time I think.

Oh and we did the keyboard overdubs for Scripture Praise Party 2 yesterday, this album really has some great tracks on it, you’ll love it! Nearly finished, just the mix to do, track order to work out and cover to complete then I’ll let you know when it’s available.

My time in Wolverhampton

I cannot begin to explain the wonderful time I had at Holy Trinity Church in Wolverhampton on Sunday.

I so love being back with people and doing what I believe God has STILL called me to do.

It was a very large building and a very large all age congregation attended and praise God all ages included lots of children and families.

For me, the bookings have been so much better than before lockdown and the great thing is I feel more relaxed being in front of people than ever before. People seem to be enjoying me…. just being me!I am still praying for more opportunities to visit more churches, as (and I say this humbly) I really feel that God has given me so much to offer especially at this time.

I want to bring a bit of fun and life back into Churches after such a difficult year and a half.I’ve just returned back to Chichester and Gill the lovely organiser has just e mailed me these words of encouragement. Things just get better and better!

Hi Ish,Just to say a big, huge, gigantic “Thank you” for this morning. It was great – just like ‘old times’ and so good to see so many people – especially families – turning up for the service.You have always had such a wonderful ministry of teaching God’s Bible truths through song – and it’s a real blessing to see that God is continuing to use you in this way.