2019 Concerts

Still carefully and prayerfully thinking about and planning my concerts for next year.

Obviously the ‘Scripture Song’ concert is a cert and after August (when I reach 70) the ‘Big Celebration’ concert will come into action.

But then I was thinking about the ‘Sting in the Tale’ testimony concert which I’ve done dozens of times around the country and has been so appreciated and also the ‘Glorie Days’ concert which really never took off!
It’s a shame because I believe the ‘Glorie Days’ concert has some of the most amazing faith building stories, and some of the best songs I think I have written…and without doubt were probably some of my happiest days in ministry!

So I have had an idea.

Starting next year I’m going to combine ‘Sting in the Tale’ and ‘Glorie Days’ and make them into one concert called ‘The History of Ishmael.’

I’ll keep it at 90 minutes long but I will select the best stories and songs from each concert and make it older child friendly and of course fun!

So 3 concerts will be available (for all ages to enjoy) and each Church can choose which they prefer and which would most suit their situation.

Sounds like a plan!

The last concert

I’ve decided that ‘The Big Celebration’ concert which celebrates my 50 years on the road and 70 years on the earth and begins next year will be the last concert that I will be planning.

This will be a unique concert compared to the other 3 as all the songs will be ‘sing-a-long praise songs and there will not be a ‘fixed set’ I will be swapping songs and stories around so no concert will be exactly the same.

I will still be travelling with the ‘Scripture Song’ concert (the learning the Bible concert). The ‘Glorie Day’s’ concert (songs and stories from my 35 years in children’s ministry) And the ‘Sting in the tale’ concert (my testimony and life story concert with songs to fit). And of course still be doing children’s Praise Parties and all age services.

Organisers will have the choice of which concert they would like to host in their Church and all I promise are ‘typical Ish’ interactive, informal…and fun!

I’ve no date as yet when I plan to stop touring so as long as people would like to visit them and of course as long as I am both physically and mentally able to, I will still continue to be ‘on the road for Jesus!’

I love it!

Bradford trip.

Before I take a Sunday service I usually meet up with the local Church to pray and often someone prays ‘and Lord if you want to do something different we are ready to change things to fit in with Your plan.’

Although I say ‘amen’ I am secretly praying ‘Lord please don’t change anything, it took me ages to prepare this sermon (with your help) and the order of service and all the songs are loaded into the Churches computer and it will really confuse the tech guy if I suddenly make a lot of changes.’

Yesterday morning in Bradford, I knew that very few children attended the Church so I’d prepared an appropriate set of songs and talk on the creation to suit the adults attending.

All was going well until a few minutes before I was about to start. It was then that car loads of children came rushing in and sat in the front row…they now outnumbered the adults!

So the songs suddenly had to change and my ‘very well prepared’ creation talk got heavily edited as I then had to attempt to ‘run it into’ the parable of the sower which had pictures for the children.

Needless to say we had a great time, the tech guys were great and all seemed to appreciate the service…although I was worn out at the end having to think / pray on my feet about what to do next for an hour!

Thank you Lord for helping me through it but maybe next week, we could stick to what we both planned before hand?

Thursday October 11th anyone?

Great fun last night.

Was invited to speak at a home group which is part of a local vineyard church on how we celebrate Advent at the Cathedral.

Only when I arrived did I realise it was a ladies only group!
Lovely ladies though who seemed to appreciate me waffling on for an hour!

By the way, did I mention that I am looking to do a concert in between Birmingham and Lancashire on Thursday 11th October? 😜

I think I might have mentioned it once or twice but I bet I never mentioned that seeing it is such short notice that I will be happy to do it for FREE with just an offering taken during the concert to help cover expenses!

Numbers attending are not important…I just don’t want to waste a night whilst I am up that way! Please……

Updated dates for this year

12th Hook Norton (Sting in the Tale)
13th Rugby (Sting in the Tale)
14th Finedon (Glorie Day’s & Praise Party)
16th Littlehampton (Preaching at the morning service)
21st Littlehampton (Scripture Song Concert)
30th West Ewell (Special anniversary morning service)

12th OswaldTwistle (Scripture Song Concert & Praise Party in a school)
13th Bradford (Scriptures Song Concert & Praise Party)
14th Bradford (All Age Service)
20th Chiddingfold (Scripture Song concert)
21st Chiddingfold (Special All Age Service)
27th Romford (Sting in the Tale Concert)
28th Romford (When the road is rough & steep seminar and Praise Party)

3rd Ramsey (Praise Party and Scripture Songs Concert)
4th Ramsey (All Age Service)
9th Felpham (Scripture Song concert)
10th Bitterne (Praise Party and Scripture Song Concert)
22nd Crewe (Praise party and A sting in the Tale Concert)
23rd Stoke on Trent (Praise Party & Scripture Song Concert)
24th Shrewsbury (Praise Party & Scripture Song Concert)
25th Shrewsbury (All Age Service)

2nd North Bersted (Scripture Song morning service concert)

2019 So far confirmed and possible visits.
Enfield, Spring Harvest Minehead, Skegness and Harrogate, Swindon, Bristol, Bishop Aukland and Glasgow.

If you are interested in hosting an ‘Ish thing’ in your Church whilst I am somewhere near your area this year please let me know.

e mail me at ishmael@ishmael.org.uk