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Ish’s Discography

1972. Benedictus / Song of praise number 2. Ishmael and Andy. (Vinyl single)
1973. Ready salted. Ishmael and Andy. (Vinyl album)
1977. The charge of the light brigade. Ishmael. (Vinyl album)
1978. It’s amazin’ what praisin’ can do. Ishmael with After the fire (Cassette)
1979. If you can’t shout saved. Ishmael United. (Vinyl album and cassette)
1979. Crowd trouble / Song of the last generation. Ishmael United. (Vinyl single)
1980. Life begins at 30. Rev Counta and the Speedoze. (Vinyl album and cassette)
1980. The Glorie song / Return of the magnificent Glories. Ishmael. (Vinyl single)
1981. Land of hope and Glories. Ishmael. (Vinyl album and cassette)
1981. Songs for bouncing Glories. Ishmael. (Cassette)
1982. Power and the Glories. Ishmael. (Vinyl album and cassette)
1983. Ishmael’s children’ praise party vol 1. Ishmael. (Vinyl album and cassette)
1984. Ishmael’s children’ praise party vol 2. Ishmael. (Vinyl album and cassette)
1985. Ishmael’s children’ praise party vol 3. Ishmael. (Vinyl album and cassette)
1986. Ishmael’s antique collection. Ishmael. (Cassette)
1986. Ishmael’s family praise favourites. Ishmael (Cassette)
1987. Ishmael’s Scripture praise party. Ishmael. (Cassette)
1987. As subtle as a sledgehammer. Ishmael compilation. (Cassette)
1987. Land of hope and Glories / Power and the Glories. (Re-released as a double cassette)
1988. Training up the troops. Ishmael. (Cassette)
1989. Praise Party vol 1 / Praise party vol 2. (Re-released as a double cassette)
1989. Songs for little troopers. Ishmael. (Cassette)
1989. Training up the troops vol 2. Ishmael. (Vinyl album and cassette)
1989. Training up the troops / Training up the troops vol 2 (Re-released on double CD)
1989. The charge of the light brigade. (Re-released on CD)
1989. Hooked on Ishmael. Tim Jupp. Instrumental. (Cassette)
1990. Praise Party vol 3 / Scripture praise party. (Re-released as a double cassette)
1991. Ishmael’s Christmas carol celebration. Ishmael. (Cassette and CD)
1991. Gym Glories workout / Little Suzys hidden talent. (Ishmael tells the stories on cassette)
1991. Peaceful meadow / Melody faces the music. (Ishmael tells the stories on cassette)
1991. Praise and Glories. Ishmael. (Cassette and CD)
1991. Jesus is Topz / Everyday with Jesus. Ishmael. (Cassette single)
1992. Training up the troops / Training up the troops vol 2 (Re-released as a double cassette)
1992. Children’s hymn celebration. Ishmael. (Cassette and CD)
1993. Ishmael’s praise party video (Music compilation video)
1993. Family praise favourites / Songs for little troopers. (Re-released as a double cassette)
1993. Ishmael USA. Ishmael. . (Cassette and CD)
1993. A sting in the tale. (Re-release of the antique collection under a new title on cassette)
1994. Joyful noise for girls and boys. Ishmael. (cassette and backing tracks)
1995. 25 years with Ishmael. (50 track compilation double cassette and CD)
1995. 25 years of children’s favourites. (50 track compilation double cassette and CD)
1995 If you can’s shout saved / life begins at 30. (Re-released as a double cassette and CD)
1995.Ready salted. (Re-released on cassette and CD)
1995. Christmas carol celebration / Children’s hymn celebration. (Re-released as a double CD)
1996. Ishmael’s video praise party vol 2 (Music compilation video)
1996. Ish’s Bible Belters. Ishmael. (Cassette and CD)
1997. Wakey wakey, sleepy sleepy. Ishmael. (Cassette and CD)
1998. Little songs for little children. Ishmael. (CD)
1999. Worship songs for little children. Ishmael. (CD)
2000. Praise songs for little children. Ishmael. (CD) 2000. Bible stories for little students. Ishmael.
2001. 12 New children’s praise songs vol 1. Ishmael. (CD)
2001. 12 New children’s praise songs vol 2. Ishmael and Dave Bilbrough. (CD)
2002. 52 Scripture songs. (52 track compilation with 10 tracks re-recorded. Released as a double CD)
2002. 12 New children’s praise songs vol 3. Ishmael and Aaron Frith. (CD)
2003. I know Jesus loves me. Ishmael. (CD)
2003. 12 New children’s praise songs vol 4. Ishmael and Geraldine Latty. (CD)
2003. It’s Christmas. Ishmael and Noel Richards. (CD)
2003. Lord here we stand. Noel Richards. (CD single)
2004. It’s Party Time. Ishmael and t-girl. (CD)
2004. Songs for little children. (Little songs for little children / Worship songs for little children / Praise songs for little children re-released in a triple CD pack)
2004. Children of the voice vol 1. (Story read by Ishmael on a triple CD)
2004. 12 New children’s praise songs vol 5. Ishmael with Noel Richards. (CD)
2005. 12 New children’s praise songs vol 6. Ishmael with Andy Bromley. (CD)
2005. Ishmael’s praise party video. (Re-released onto DVD)
2005. Ishmael’s video praise party vol 2. (Re-released onto DVD)
2005. The Glories stories. (released onto DVD) 2005. It’s Party Time. (Released onto DVD)
2005. Ishmaels cartoon karaoke. (Released onto DVD)
2005. It’s Tots praise. Ishmael with Julia Plaut. (CD)
2006. I know Jesus loves me too. Ishmael. (CD)
2006. Ishmael’s cartoon karaoke 2. (Released onto DVD)
2007. Be happy and be glad. (CD)
2008. Revived. (CD of new recordings of Ish’s most popular rock songs))
2009. Ish in the box. (Quadruple CD pack)
2009. Ish in the box 2. (Quadruple CD pack)
2010. Bigger Barn. (Bible story songs CD)
2011. Ishmael’s Songs & Hymns (Heartfelt worship for all ages).

2022. Scripture Praise Party 2 (21 new Scripture songs to sing and learn)

Interesting historical recording facts that few people know.
1972-1978 (More to follow)

1972. Ishmael and Andy were among the first Christians to bring out a single on their own ‘Salt’ label. Some of the newly formed Christian record companies of the time were not at all happy about this.

1972. The ‘Benedictus’ single was recorded at the Elim Bible College at Capel by a young engineer called Helmut Kaufmann. Helmut continued working in studios for over 30 years and is now the boss at ICC Studios in Eastbourne.

1973. The cover photo of ‘Ready Salted’ was photographed on Littlehampton seafront, in fact the very same bit of beach where 30 years later the band Delirious? were to have a lot of their publicity shots taken.

1973. ‘Ready Salted’ only took a day to record and was done almost live. Some members of the local youth group joined Ish and Andy to sing the backing vocals but were told to pat their knees not clap their hands as the ‘Christian studio’ microphones of the day could not cope with a lot of clapping.

1977. The ‘Charge of the light brigade’ album was recorded at ICC studios in Eastbourne and proved to be the most controversial Christian album ever recorded. Mixing humour with important spiritual statements it seems was taboo on albums, but ok in the pulpit. Ish and Andy sung one of the albums most controversial songs ‘Laodecean Church’ (CofEPenteBaptandCo) at the Elim Bible College interChurch day, needless to say they were never invited to sing at any college event again.

1977. A song from ‘Charge’ called ‘Amen and praise de Lord’ was co-written by a some of the african kids who were in Ish’s congregation when he was a Pastor in central London.

1977. ‘The charge of the light brigade’ album was banned by a lot of UK Christian bookshops and totally banned in Australia. At the Elim Pentecostal Church conference, the bookshop sales people tried to dissuade delegates from buying it even though Ishmael was an Elim minister at the time…attending the conference.

1977.The cover of ‘Charge of the light brigade’ album was changed after a year or so. The original cover was a cartoon of a carousel and was drawn by Ish’s Uncle Allan who also drew the original Glorie picture. Uncle Allen was originally a professional artist for Wills tobacco in Bristol.

1978. The ‘It’s amazin what praisin’ recording was probably the very first Christian release that was made up of purely worship songs (choruses) played by a heavy rock band. John Pantry the producer was shocked at what Ish and ATF were doing to precious hymns and choruses and he even mentioned that he was concerned that it may be bordering on the sacrilegious. Could it be that the roots of today’s wonderful rock worship music originally came from this little ‘way before its time’ adventurous cassette even though very few people actually heard it ? This cassette was deleted and removed from Christian bookshops within less than a year.

1978. When recording a track called ‘Song of Emmanual’ halfway through the song Ish asked the lead guitarist to play a lead break, even though the guitarist had never heard the song before. Although it was understandably not brilliant everyone (except the guitarist that was) were rolling about the floor with laughter when Ish decided to leave it in and move on to the next song.

1978. Although it was going to be a few years before Ish would begin his children’s ministry, it’s interesting that ‘We’re in the Lord’s army’ which was on this recording was considered an adult song. A few years later it would change and become a children’s favourite.

1978. After the fire and Ish had so much fun praising God whilst they were recording this live album that by the time it came to record the vocals, Ish had completely lost his voice. That is why Ish ended up whispering some of the songs or just letting Pete Banks the keyboard player, play them as instrumentals.

1978. Although the recording had a wonderful worship feel and the album may in time prove to be a historymaker, it was a million miles from musical perfection. It was decided not to put the name ‘After the fire’ on the ‘Amazin what praisin’ album credits because musically and vocally it certainly would not have enhanced their career. At this time they were releasing hit singles into both the UK and US charts.

1978. Ish, whilst still being a Pastor was also overseeing a Bible study correspondence course for all the members of ‘After the fire’.

Next instalment to follow soon.

Ish’s Bookology

1988. The history of Ishmael part one
1988. Ishmael’s family worship songbook.
1989 Angels with dirty faces
1989 Engleborn med snavsede finger. Scandinavian translation of ‘Angels with dirty faces’.
1990. Children of the Voice.
1990. Father God I wonder booklet
1990. Doamne, Tata, Ma Intreb. Romanian translation of the ‘Father God I wonder’ booklet.
1991 Children of the Voice – 2
1991. Lille ballade og stemmen. Danish translation of ‘Children of the Voice’
1991. Praise’n’Glories songbook
1992. Ishmael’s once a week family time
1992 Kinder im reich gottes. German translation of ‘Angels with dirty faces’
1993 Children of the Voice – 3
1994. Joyful noise for girls and boys songbook
1990. Songbook for the troops
1992. Little Jim enjoys the family service.
1993. USA songbook
1995. Loving memory
1997, Bible Belters / Wakey wakey, sleepy sleepy songbook
1998. Children of the Voice the trilogy
1998. What is a Christian booklet
1999. Songs for little children songbook
2001. Reclaiming a generation
2002. 365 Devotions with Ishmael
2004. Nad Bibli bez nudy. Czech translation of ’50 fun filled family activities’.
2005. Deti a cirkev. Czech translation of ‘Reclaiming a Generation’.
2007. A year according to Ish.
2009. A year according to Ish. (reprint)

2022. Our Cancer Journey.