Booking Ish



From the beginning of November until the end of March I will now only be doing daytime events. Ie Sunday morning celebrations & Saturday daytime / matinee Praise Parties etc.

But from April until the end of October I will also be available for evening events as well.

Ish is now well enough and available to travel any distance to do any of the following.

1) Sunday All Age Service

Ish’s ‘rather special’ all age service will include a Bible reading, prayers, short Bible talks with a challenge often as song intro’s, and of course, a lot of singing and learning Scripture together. The service will last approx. 60-75 minutes and will obviously be fairly informal, lighthearted and fun so as to include any younger one’s present. It is a service that most adults and children will enjoy because there will be no long sermons, no long prayer times, easy to sing songs and a couple of well-known hymns.

But I promise you, the presence of the Lord will be with us…even if this service may be a little livelier than some are used to!

Please note. I can also adapt this service if you have few or no children attending and make it suitable for a more adult congregation.

2) The All Age Praise Party Concert

A great fun concert that is aimed at ALL ages. Nearly all the songs will require audience participation, mostly singing, but some songs will require a few actions where I will encourage the children and any ‘lively’ adults to get involved. Lots of Scripture learning songs, very little chat but in some song intro’s I will include  short Bible stories / gentle thought provoking challenges. Amid all the craziness, of course the Christian message will gently come across loud and clear.

Because this will be REALLY for all ages, Grandparents to toddlers, the latest this concert should begin is 7.00pm as I want both the very old and the very young to stay awake until the end!

I’m afraid that I do not do a Praise Party in conjunction with a barbeque or meal as I have found that this does not work, although of course snacks and drinks afterwards are fine.

This Praise Party concert will last approx 75minutes.

3) ‘Our Cancer Journey Testimony Concert

I (usually with Irene) will be presenting ‘Our Cancer Journey Testimony Concert’ which will be a time when we will be ‘bringing our book to life’ by telling some of the stories as well as probably adding some that we did not include. I plan to intersperse the stories with a variety of songs.

Understandably there will be some serious bits, but it will not in any way be a ‘heavy’ time together and I promise some of the stories and songs will provide plenty of smiles. (Can you ever imagine a totally serious Ish event?)

We are praying that it will be a time of encouragement for any suffering from or who have had cancer and also for the sufferers’ loved ones and those who care for them. It will also relate to any that maybe going through other difficult times.

This testimony  / concert is suitable mainly for adults and will last approx 60-75 minutes.

A couple of suggestions.


We could do the “Our Cancer Journey Testimony Concert’ on a Saturday afternoon and follow it with an early evening All Age Praise Party Concert


Saturday & Sunday

We could do the “Our Cancer Journey Testimony Concert’ early on a Saturday evening and stay over to do an ‘All Age Celebration Concert’ on the Sunday morning.

They complement each other well.

5) If you would like me to do something different from the above, please do give me the details and I will let you know if it something that I would feel comfortable in doing.

Financial costs. Most things I do will be free entry to all guests unless the organisers prefer a different arrangement.

Please note. As I don’t receive any other income from the Cathedral, my Chaplaincy work etc. My ‘on the road ministry’ is my main form of income.

If possible I ask the Church / Organiser to contribute £150 for a day / evening to help cover our travel / accommodation expenses and then at an All Age Praise Party Concert and Our Cancer Journey Concert to take up an offering to help support my ongoing ministry. I’ve discovered that people attending my events like to contribute towards they’ve enjoyed.

For weekends (Saturdays & Sunday mornings) I ask the Church / Organiser to contribute £250 to help cover expenses plus take up an offering at the Saturday event and add an additional ministry gift if the church can afford it, for the Sunday to help support my ongoing ministry.

The finances mentioned above cover everything including all travelling expenses and accommodation.