Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back. (Is 54 v 2) 
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School Carol Service.
Off for a home visit.
Boys High School Carol Concert
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"Some of the most wonderful music comes out of the darkest pain. My friend Ishmael's new album, 'Ishmael's Songs and Hymn' is amazing - songs of hope that have been hammered out in the furnace of tears and 'God, I won't let you go' faith. I was moved to tears as I listened. Buy it and be encouraged and blessed." Jeff Lucas
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Taken from the album 52 Scripture Songs
When I wrote this song I remember someone informing me that Christian songs should not have 'um pah pah's' in them. I am afraid I disagreed with them and went on to record today's Scripture song to prove it.
I really was happy to experiment with all types of music and sounds if it helped to get across a Biblical truth.
If you use any of Ish's songs, for legal copyright reasons, please inform your worship leader of the titles so they can be included on the CCLI forms.
The audio tracks require RealAudio player to listen to them. This can be downloaded for free at www.real.com. If you can't find it then email ishmael@ishmael.org.uk.
 Here we see Isaiah prophesying that good times would come in the future and he uses the picture of the tent to express this. Now I guess most of have been camping at one time or another. When our children were smaller we would go every year, it was really the only holiday that we could afford and it was always a lot of fun. If you think about it though, a tent takes up a tiny space of ground. 5 of us would eat and sleep in an area not much bigger than our car. God promises us great things as well if we follow Him, so we too better get ready to expand our tent area for all the good things that He has prepared for us. 
Should we just preach Christ crucified and leave the Holy Spirit to reveal truth or should we also preach against the deception of other faiths?
Yes. We just need to preach Jesus to people
No. We also need to speak out against false religions
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 Lord, help me to be prepared for all the great things that you have got lined up for me. 
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