But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your father. (Matt 6 v 6) 
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Light not darkness.
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6 Bigger Barn DVDs now available to download. Wolfy Wolfy
"Some of the most wonderful music comes out of the darkest pain. My friend Ishmael's new album, 'Ishmael's Songs and Hymn' is amazing - songs of hope that have been hammered out in the furnace of tears and 'God, I won't let you go' faith. I was moved to tears as I listened. Buy it and be encouraged and blessed." Jeff Lucas
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Taken from the album Life Begins At 30 [1980]
The opening track of the Rev Counta and the Speedoze album 'Life begins at thirty'. I will never know I wrote so many words in each line...if the band played the song too quickly it was impossible to fit them all in !
If you use any of Ish's songs, for legal copyright reasons, please inform your worship leader of the titles so they can be included on the CCLI forms.
The audio tracks require RealAudio player to listen to them. This can be downloaded for free at www.real.com. If you can't find it then email ishmael@ishmael.org.uk.
 In the bible times some people enjoyed making a great performance out of praying to impress those around them and to make their audience think that they were very spiritual. Today in our meetings we can still try and impress people with our prayers or by making an exhibition of ourselves whilst pretending to praise. Its good to pray with others, but its even more important to spend time praying to father by ourselves in the quiet of our own rooms.  
We all know that God never changes but be honest, when reading the Bible, do you see a different God in the NT than in the OT?
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 Prayer. Lord, I just want to impress you, not those around me. 
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