Peace be upon Israel. (Ps 128 v 6) 
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"Some of the most wonderful music comes out of the darkest pain. My friend Ishmael's new album, 'Ishmael's Songs and Hymn' is amazing - songs of hope that have been hammered out in the furnace of tears and 'God, I won't let you go' faith. I was moved to tears as I listened. Buy it and be encouraged and blessed." Jeff Lucas
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Taken from the album Land Of Hope And Glories [1981]
A song that explains some of the reasons why Christians find it hard to praise. In a fun way it puts over the point that we praise God for who He is, not just for what He does.
This song was first recorded on the 'It's amazin 'what praisin' can do' cassette.
If you use any of Ish's songs, for legal copyright reasons, please inform your worship leader of the titles so they can be included on the CCLI forms.
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 The history of Israel has been violent and war seems to follow war, yet this is the nation that God chose to make his own. As Christians we have so much to thank the Jewish people for even though many have not recognised Jesus as their messiah and are still waiting for their messiah to come. Lets pray for Israel. They are still at war, lets pray for peace upon them, but not just peace from attacking armies, but also the peace that only Jesus can bring upon those who believe in Him.  
Do you think that someone who claims to be a Bible teacher should have some recognised training as expected from any other teacher?
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 Lord, please bring real peace to Israel. 
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