Moses threw his staff on the ground and it became a snake, and he ran from it. (Ex 4 v 3) 
Tracy wants a line to 'Let's praise the King.'
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"Some of the most wonderful music comes out of the darkest pain. My friend Ishmael's new album, 'Ishmael's Songs and Hymn' is amazing - songs of hope that have been hammered out in the furnace of tears and 'God, I won't let you go' faith. I was moved to tears as I listened. Buy it and be encouraged and blessed." Jeff Lucas
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Taken from the album Power And The Glories [1982]
Hard key for a small child to sing, but we never considered those sorts of things back then. That being said, Sarah my niece (now the wife of Stew Smith-Delirious) did an excellent job and the great thing about little Sarah was that she actually meant the words that she was singing.
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 Moses at this time had a lot to learn about the power of God.He understandably thinks he will fail if he has to stand in front of the King of Egypt so God tells him to throw his walking stick on the floor and suddenly it changes into a snake and starts wriggling around on the floor in front of him. It makes Moses jump and he runs away from it. We must realise that God is all powerful when He asks us to do something He will enable us, by His power, to fulfil it successfully. 
Jesus said that we must love our enemies, have you got any enemies?
Yes. Just one or two
No. I get on with everyone
Enemies no. But there are friends I don't get on with!
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 Lord, thank you that you will give the power to do anything you ask of me. 
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