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On this page, I will be sharing, reviewing and recommending resources for children’s, family and all-age church-based ministry. I love to explore and discover new ideas and ways of supporting this amazing ministry. It’s such a privilege to serve the church and to make it more relevant and fun for children and families today. I hope you’ll find my ideas and recommendations helpful.


Summer Holidays 2022

I’m going to start with school summer holidays – while many of us have moved on, many are still suffering from the worries and effects of the pandemic. If you are like me and still a bit nervous about straying too far from home or planning a staycation again this year, here are some activities you can do just as a family or with your church:

Prayer Picnic

When our children were small we used to love Sunday afternoon picnics after church. We didn’t venture very far, our children didn’t like long car journeys. We either walked to a nearby park or picnic spot or we drove to a nearby wood or to the beach. We took it in turns to read a few Bible verses or share a well-known Bible story and either re-tell the story or mime it and we had to guess which story it was. Our eldest son loved to pick out some of the more obscure verses, for example, 2 Kings 6: 1-7 and he was quite clever at adapting an explanation for the story.  Everyone loves a story and then we would have a quiz about it. We would share our picnic which was usually something simple like sandwiches and fruit, quick and easy to make up, pack and transport. Hide and seek was a favourite game. Or find an object in the woods and make up a story about its journey and how it got there. We’d make a list of objects to find e.g., a twig, a daisy, a smooth stone, a coloured pebble, a feather, etc, the first person to find them all gets a prize. Or play a wide game like rounders, frisbee, cricket or dodgeball. Then before leaving for home we would take it in turns to say thank you to God for one thing we could see around us and for all the fun we’ve had – what did you enjoy most at the prayer picnic?


Muddy Church

For more ideas and great downloadable resources for outdoor church visit Muddy Church:

Muddy Church is a place for people to gather together outside and to connect with the space and God. This site is full of resources designed for use by individual groups – these are all available free to download or use online (there are pre-printed copies available to buy).