Busy weekend approaching!

Today I will be giving 4 short talks plus playing some music for St Peter’s Church Wisborough Green’s Quiet Day which will be held in the Bishops Palace in Chichester.
I know what you are thinking…Ish…quiet day?..A contradiction in terms…and you are probably right!
For me it will be more of self control day!
Then tomorrow evening I will be giving testimony on ‘when the road is rough and steep’ also incorporating a few songs at St Pancras Church again here in Chichester.
So a great weekend to look forward too!
I love the variety of my ministry, it’s so full of contrasts!
Praise Parties. Quiet Days. After meal speeches. Sting in the Tale concerts. Giving talks in evangelical charismatic churches and preaching sermons and deaconing at an Anglo Catholic Cathedral!
I think I get the the best of ALL worlds…and I love it all…Thank you Lord!

On the road again…Yippee!

As I mentioned earlier, I love it when the unexpected happens.

Initially I was looking to perform one ‘Sting’ gig on my way up to Blackpool on May 6th.

The one night stand has now turned into a three night mini Midlands tour…yippee!
I so love the opportunity of visiting different Churches, making new friends and of course doing these concerts!

The itinerary is as follows and if you live anywhere near any of these Venues, please do pop along and join in the fun!

May 3rd St Judes Church Wolverhampton
May 4th St Matthews Church Walsall
May 5th Earl Shilton Baptist Church Leicestershire
And then
May 6-7th Victoria Community Church Blackpool

I’ve also been approached by Churches in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire and am thinking of planning another mini tour around that area during the week leading up to the weekend of July 8/9th.

Do let me know if your Church may be interested in hosting a “Sting in the Tale’ concert on one of the nights during that week and I will send you more details.

I just ate a ‘plane’ bacon roll!

Just back from speaking at a men’s breakfast at Shoreham airport. The cafe was rammed full!
Really great time and I really enjoyed being with some really great guys.
Encouraging words were said to me afterwards which is always appreciated at these sort of events as I am never quite sure if what I said was what people wanted to hear at 7.30 on a Saturday morning.

It’s a wonderful exciting life that is full of surprises.

A couple of days ago I was looking for a venue to perform ‘Sting in the Tale’ on the way to Blackpool in May and now it looks like a mini Midlands tour is on the way!
I hope to be in Walsall on Thursday 4th and Leicester on Friday May 5th.
Anyone fancy Wednesday May 3rd whilst I’m up that way? It won’t cost you anything.
Midweek gigs have proved to be as popular as weekend gigs as the concert finishes around 8.30 so those who have to work the following day (or those who are as old as me) don’t have a late night.

Blackpool and Ilfracombe

On off. On off. On off……

Ok, I apologise that I have mentioned this before…but things keep changing!

Blackpool on May the 6th is DEFINITELY ON!

I thought I had another booking arranged for Friday 5th, but that fell through so…I am still looking for a venue (somewhere north of the M4 and Blackpool) who would be willing to host ‘A sting in the Tale’ fun evangelistic concert.

Exactly the same for Friday May 19th but then I’m looking for a venue between Chichester and Ilfracombe.

If anyone can help out, and numbers attending are not important, it will not cost the Church a penny not even petrol money. All I ask is the usual £5.00 guest admission charge which will go to support my ministry.

It seems such a shame to travel those distances and not visit someone else on the way but as I said both Blackpool and Ilfracombe are definitely on, so if nothing else comes in…I really am looking forward to going to be with them.

E mail me at ishmael@ishmael.org.uk if you wish to know more.