Loving it!

And now for something completely different!

With the Lincolnshire ‘sting’ tour still buzzing around my head, today I led and preached at our pre prep cathedral School prize giving service. Great fun!

Tomorrow I am teaching for 2 hours at a Baptist Church weekend away.
Then Sunday morning I return to preach at their communion service and in the evening I am preaching at a local Anglican Church celebration.

What a great weekend ahead!

Lord thank you for keeping me busy… I really do love everything I’m involved in and give you thanks that I am still alive and with your help am well able to do everything that you bring my way! Yea!

Diary update & Glorie Days concerts begin!

So thrilled that my travelling diary is getting so busy. Thank you!

Whilst I am still reasonably fit and able I want to travel and enjoy the company of as many of you as I can!

You will notice in the website diary that the brand new ‘Glorie Days’ concerts will begin locally in September. I am trying to plan roughly one a month locally and also to expand it to short tours nationally in 2018.

This is the fun concert (premiered at Spring Harvest) that follows on from the ‘Sting in the Tale’.

Although it differs from the Praise Party, which is primarily for young children and families, I have designed the ‘Glorie Days’ concert to be very accessible for older children as well as adults. So no age limit!

Please check out my updated diary on www.ishmaeldirect.com because if I’m in your area, I’d love to see you.

Finally I’m still looking for a couple of ‘Sting in the Tale’ gigs in the Bradford area on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of November. Give me a shout if you are interested.

Diversity is the word!

So in the next few days I will be speaking at an after dinner talk in a hotel to the Fishermans mission employees, preaching at a beloved friends thanksgiving service who’s wife has tragically recently died, and performing at a ‘Sting in the Tale’ concert.

I am so thankful to God that have been invited to participate to all 3 of these.

Yorkshire…here we come!

Just give yourself a breather from the election campaign for the moment and think about the…’Sting in the Tale’ Concert campaign!

So far this year this great fun.. yet challenging testimony concert for adults is booked in to be performed at the following

Chiddingfold Surrey June 17th

Then comes the Lincolnshire tour
Haxey July 4th
Lincoln July 5th
Boston July 6th
Sleaford July 7th

Then comes the Midlands tour
Coventry Sept 26th
Birmingham Sept 27th
Nuneaton Sept 28th

And now I’m just starting to organise the Yorkshire tour in November.
Bradford is confirmed for Saturday November 25th

So I am now hoping to again arrange a mini tour whilst I’m up that way.

So if your Church is in Yorkshire and roughly the Bradford / Leeds / area…

and you fancy hosting one on either Wed 22nd. Thurs 23rd. or Fri 24th of November

Please e mail me at ishmael@ishmael.org.uk and I’ll send you more info.

Remember it will only cost the local Church £50.00 and it’s an intimate concert so I am not looking for massive audiences!

Tour extended

Firstly, brilliant news. An extra date has been added on to the Lincolnshire tour.
Secondly apologies, in the last mailing in my excitement, I sent out some wrong dates! So here are the right ones!

July 4th Tuesday St Nicholas Church Haxey

July 5th Wednesday Alive church Lincoln

July 6th Thursday New Life Community Church Boston

July 7th Friday New Life Centre Sleaford

September 26th Tuesday Queens Road Baptist Church Coventry

September 27th Wednesday George Road Baptist Church Erdington Birmingham

September 28th Thursday St Nicolas Church Nuneaton

Still could possibly squeeze  one more in on the Midlands tour.