Off to the Tot Fest

Today I am driving up to a village called Edge which is near Stroud to take part in a Tot Fest, which is quite different to most of the events I get invited to.

The organiser sent me the following.

We run an event for unchurched families every year from Aug 26th-29th ( the bank holiday week end.) Is there any chance that you could join us to stomp about in mud on the Saturday pm or Sunday pm doing talks, songs, or family entertainment in a large marquee?

Our lot are not into God in a big way but they do tend to show up when I do some teaching about God. Evidently I am not Churchy so they don’t feel scared!!!

Thanks so much for all your wonderful music which we love.

How could I refuse? I too have never been told that I am too ‘Churchy’ so hopefully I won’t scare people off either!

I love a bit of a challenge and doing something a little different and I think this gig will be both!

Really looking forward to it and would value your prayers at 6pm tonight. I will of course let you know how things went.

Joss has so nearly completed the course!

Our son Joss is getting very near to John Ogroats and the end of his journey having walked there from Lands End at his own expense.

I will be going up to celebrate his ‘mission accomplished’ in a weeks time.

Thank you so much to all of you who have sponsored him so that he can give to the wonderful work of the Snowdrop trust.

He is now just a mere couple of hundred pounds short of the target set so please if you can afford it, can you give in the next few days to help reach the set target.
Thank you

Click on Read Joss’s story below to go to his facebook page to find out more.

Joss is raising money to help The Snowdrop Trust

Wivelsfield Green Cafe Church

Just wanted to tell you that I had a brilliant time at Wivelsfield Green Cafe Church this morning.

The village hall was nicely full of all ages who joined in enthusiastically.

I really enjoyed singing 2 songs that I have not sung for a very long time ‘Lord we’ve come to worship you’ and ‘Jehovah Jireh’.

That is the great thing about having a back catalogue of well over 400 songs to choose from…I can keep refreshing the set….with ah my old songs! I hope that makes sense!

Red Hill Christian Centre Praise Party

Fresh back from a wonderful praise party held in a marquee at the Red Hill Christian Centre. It was organised by a lovely lady pastor called Linz.

Although again like Frinton on sea last week it was baking hot under canvas, the children joined in enthusiastically for 75 minutes.

We stayed just down the road in Stratford upon Avon which must be one of my favourite places to visit and that has nothing to do with the bard…it’s just a lovely town.

Great to be back doing praise parties again!

A birthday gift to you!

As August 10th is a sort of a memorable day for me maybe I should offer a present to all you guys.
Ok, so anyone who orders any CD from our online shop from today until August 31st, I will either send you another different download CD or post you a different hardcopy CD for free.

It will be my choice as to which CD I will send you but I will try and send you a CD that has similar age song content as the one you ordered.

Please note offer ends on August 31st