Saturday’s Praise Party

Today has been one of the most wonderful days in a year and a half.

A praise party where I can once again Sing, talk and share stories and scripture to a ‘live’ group of lovely people and at last be allowed to return to do what God has called me to do!

Those attending were praising and smiling (I even could see the smiles behind masks) and happily joining in all my songs. Of course these days l never command quite the massive audience of yesteryear, but I was so thrilled to have roughly the same amount attending as I did pre lockdown which proves people will still turn out when guests are invited to their church.

4 hour round trip and a praise party in between but thank you Lord after all this time the energy is still well and truly there. And thank you Caz and Steve for giving me the chance to have such a wonderful day today.

Oh to be back on the road again.. I even celebrated by having a motorway services pasty on the way home.

Right same again at Kettering next Saturday but with different songs of course. Can’t wait!

Prayer please

I know have requested more than my fair share of your prayers recently but for those of you do have a bit of ‘spare prayer’ time tomorrow please could you pray for my adult and children singers coming to record the BVs (backing vocals) for the Scripture Song Vol 2 album.

The children will be recording from 10-12.30 (13 tracks planned) and the adults from 12.30 onwards (12 tracks planned) I realise that makes 25 tracks and there are only 21 on the album but I would like both the children and adults to join me on a few of the tracks together.

Main prayer is please for energy for the children as recording is very tiring. Many thanks. 🙏

Praise Party’s are back again!

Wow am I excited.In just over 7 days time I will be doing my very first Praise Party since February 2020.

At last a new Praise Party season has begun again!Song wise, although of course I will be including a lot of ‘the old favourites’ I will also be adding a few newer and different songs to freshen up the set a bit.

So a bit more detail on this months gigs in case you are living within driving distance.

Saturday August 14th 2.00pm start. All welcome.Headcorn Baptist Church. 1 Station Road. Headcorn. Ashford. TN27 9SB

Saturday August 21st 7.00pm start. All welcome.Rockingham Road Baptist Church Kettering Northants. NN16 9JA

Saturday August 28th 3.00pm A very short Praise Party.The One Event 40 year celebration. Lincolnshire Showground.

Now churches are at last opening up and people are allowed to sing again, please do let me know if you would like to have details so that you can have your very own Ishmael Praise Party.


A warm welcome to any new visitors to the website, especially friends from Chichester Cathedral as the website has just been added to the Cathedral Newsheet.

I do apologise for the lack of posts lately but I have been rather caught up adding 2 songs weekly to my Ishmaels Songs YouTube channel (I’ve now posted up 227 of my video songs) do check it out…PLUS Irene and I have now completed ‘Our Cancer Journey’ book… PLUS I’m well into recording my new ‘Scripture Praise Party Vol 2’ album.

Both the book and the album will be available to buy from our website shop hopefully in September, but I will keep you informed.

So, from now on I will try and post up a lot more news to let you know the latest.

I am so looking forward to getting back ‘on the road’ and visiting many of your Churches. New strings are on the guitar so I’m all ready!