Ish’s top 10 for 2019

I thought that you may like to see the top 10 songs of mine, in popularity order, that you sang (or more accurately, your Churches have registered with CCLI) during 2019.
I can’t understand why ‘Wolfy Wolfy’ or ‘Bigger Barn’ are not in the list but there are some interesting songs listed below that I may need to add into my 2020 touring set if you are obviously enjoying singing them in your Churches.

1) Father God I Wonder (of course!)

2) I once was frightened of spiders (expected)

3) We are one we are family together ( a surprise and possible set contender)

4) So I’ve made up my mind (I love singing this song live)

5) I may live in a great big city (another surprise and possible set contender)

6) Blessed is the King who comes (a Palm Sunday special)

7) The creation Song (another song I love singing live)

8) O Lord you’re great (a third surprise but really needs a band to play live)

9) Jesus Christ is risen today (a real shock, a third possible set contender)

10) I will wave my hands in praise and adoration (yet another song that I love singing live and is nearly always in my touring set)

Premier Radio

Just back from London after doing a 45 minute pre-recorded interview for Premier radios breakfast show.

They must have known I have no trouble talking and have lots and lots to talk about because when the interviewer asked me a question it was like lighting the blue touch paper ….off I went!
They had more trouble shutting me up!

I’ll let you know when it’s going out on air.

Ooops this should have come before the Sunday at Lincoln post!

I have just returned from spending a weekend at the unique (and amazing) Ignite Church in Lincoln.

It really is very different than another Church I have visited. but I’ll tell you about the Sunday Service tomorrow.

Leader Darren wanted the brand new ‘All Fired Up’ all age praise party concert on Saturday which is what I gave them…along with the help of my old buddy Alan who played bass for me.

Lots and lots of my most popular songs were interspersed with short testimony stories of how the Holy Spirit has been involved in my Christian life.

For instance I told short stories on…
Beginning to be fired up (my salvation story)
Getting really fired up (How God filled me with His Holy Spirit)
Fired up with no fear (How the Holy Spirit gave me boldness in scary situations)
Getting fired up for miracles (How God has used me…and children in miracles and healings)
All fired up to trust God (How I’ve had to trust the Holy Spirit to guide me through life)
And a lot more…

It really went so well…and there were lot’s of young children present who sat amazed by some of my stories!

Maybe this very special all age Praise Party would go down well at your Church? Do let me know if you think it would and I’ll send you more details.

As I said earlier, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about this mornings unique service, I don’t want you to get over excited!

Ish’s February Diary Update.

With new friends joining my little Facebook friends group daily, it’s time for me to update them and you with my latest monthly diary updates. Check it out and if I am somewhere near you, do pop along and say hello!

But whilst informing you of visits already booked…

Would the Church you attend like me to visit them and do a real ‘all age praise party’ where adults and children can have fun as they learn more about Jesus and the Bible through my simple songs and stories?

Or would the Church you attend like me to do a REAL all age Sunday service when young and old can stay together for a full 60-75 minutes and all enjoy worshipping and learning together as one big family?

Or maybe the Church you attend would prefer me to do a ‘big celebration concert’ where I tell how I became a Christian and also share a bit about my exciting 50 years of ministry whilst interspersing the stories with lots and lots of the favourite songs that I have written over the years?

Or maybe, sadly, the Church you attend has a lot of people who are going through really difficult times where my ‘when the road is rough and steep’ seminar / concert may be more appropriate where I talk and sing about my time facing cancer and trying to deal with bereavement?

Might any one or more of the above add a little sparkle that might bless the Church you attend this year?

If the answer is a definite no thanks…hey, oh well, never mind!

But if the answer is yes or possibly, please messenger me or drop me an e mail at and I will give you more info about any of the above.

I promise you, a night or weekend visit to you will not be too expensive and I really don’t mind how few or many turn up…the right ones WILL be there!

The only dates as I write that I can’t be with you…are the ones listed below!

Feb 9th Chichester Cathedral / 15th Newport / 16th South Wales / 28th-March 6th Break.

March 7th Wincanton / 23rd Birdham School assembly

April 8th Spring Harvest Minehead / 23rd-27th Spain

May 2nd -3rd Gillingham / 15th-19th Guernsey / 23rd Forest of Dean / 29th-June 5th Break.

June 13th-14th Birchington / 27th-28th Lymm

July 5th Foots Cray / 10th-12th Golf weekend / 13th-17th Break

Sept 5th Chichester / 6th Wolverhampton / 19th Weston-Super- Mare

Oct 10th-17th Break / Sandown

Sunday at Lincoln

As promised, let me tell you a little about the amazing Sunday morning service at Ignite Church in Lincoln.

Yes it was a bit of a shock to arrive at a church and the leader to inform me that before each service a bouncy castle is inflated next to the staging area (not far from the strobe and coloured flashing lights) but hey, this is Ignite Church so nothing was going to surprise me!

On the Saturday I had made friends with some of the lovely children so when I arrived on the Sunday they ran up to me and wanted to sit with me and chat. Fantastic.

As the service began the bouncy castle was deflated but praise God the children weren’t as they seemed excited about the service to follow.

Leader Darren informed the smokers where to go if they needed a ciggie then after introducing me, suddenly remembered he’d forgotten to pick someone up so ran out the door shouting I’ll be back soon!
The service was fantastic.

Yep, I did enjoy the holy chaotic time at Ignite because I knew that Jesus was in the midst!

This church has built a community within a community comprised of a very different group of people who dare I say would have problems fitting in with any other church I have visited however lively or traditional.

Darren is an out and out evangelist and being used mightily by God. Please do pray for him and the other leaders at Ignite church.

They have already said they would like me to return and it would be a pleasure…but next time I will know what to expect..I think!

This Sunday I’m preaching at Chichester Cathedral…with no bouncy castle!

As I’ve told you before, every week is different for me and Its such a joy worshipping God in the extreme variety of places I visit and none is better than another!

I’ve got the best job on earth!