Just for any who live local to Littlehampton.


If possible please keep Saturday May 7th free in your diaries as it has just been confirmed that we will be performing a ‘Sting in the Tale’ concert at Littlehampton baptist church that night at 7pm.

It will be a great adult fun night out I promise!

Still plenty of free dates if you would like to book a ‘Sting in the Tale’ evangelistic fun adults concert at your Church.

Just for those on my website and mailing list

Please forgive me if you have read the following before but as I have new friends who are interested in my ministry looking at the website and joining my mailing list regularly, twice a year I give the following financial appeal in case any would like to, and feel that they are in the position to help support me financially.

Today, as with the rest of my 46 years of ministry, I have no regular income and my main income has always been provided by the generosity of Christians who believe in me and want to help fund what I continue to do.

If God has blessed you financially and you would like to give a regular sum monthly or a one of gift please do e mail me (ishmael@ishmael.org.uk) and I can give you bank details.

Any gift however large or small is really appreciated.

I may be getting older…but I praise God that He is still continuing to use me in evangelism and teaching for all ages, pastoral ministry with the needy and cancer sufferers and of course communicating through music.

Not only do I feel more inspired than ever but the brilliant news is that I now feel healthier than I have felt since I was diagnosed with leukaemia 8 years ago!

This means I have even more energy to do a lot more travelling, distance ministry and meeting / praying for and encouraging people which I so love doing. Hallelujah and thank you Lord!

Vineyard Kids Leaders Retreat

I’ve just been invited to speak at the Vineyard Kids Leaders Retreat in Northampton in December.

I count this as a real honour as I have not specifically worked with children for quite a few years now.

But…with all the experience and amazing memories of past years, I am sure that God will bring plenty of things to mind for me to pass on that will be both exciting and relevant to those present and involved in ministering to children today!

Exciting morning!

For the first time in memory I decided to do all (live) acoustic songs at the South Bersted Parish Church all age service this morning.

That meant not using any CD backing tracks or DVDs.
I just had to rely on my own limited guitar playing skills and also my fading memory, yep, getting those 3 chords in the right order!

My set list contained the following songs.

This is the Lord’s day / Lord give me a heart that’s true / The presence of the Lord is in this place / Praise God in this great congregation / Who is King over all the earth / I once was frightened of spiders / Praise and glory to the name of Jesus / I’ll sing to you, I’ll bring to you / I may live in a great big city / The Lord’s prayer / and Father God I wonder.

I have not sung many of these songs for years and I soooo
enjoyed singing them again this morning…probably more than the congregation did!

Of course most of you remember Father God, anyone remember any of the others?

Off to South Bersted

Up at the crack of dawn today as I am going to St Mary Magdalene Church in South Bersted near Bognor.

Ok, so it’s not far to go but I need to be there at 8.15 to set up my music gear.

I will be preaching at the 9am traditional Eucharist service and doing everything at the all age service at 10.30.

Always an enjoyable time being with my friend Vicar Tim and his congregation.