Ish’s Daily Discography. Albums 1 & 2

As I’ve still plenty of time to spare at the mo I thought we could have a bit more fun together.Each day I will post up 2 albums that I’ve recorded (in order) to remind you (and me) of all the tracks on them and also say a few words about each. Just to remind you that all these albums are still available from our website shop either as whole album downloads, whole album hard copy CDs (which I will post to you) or if you prefer you can download any track individually.

Ready Salted was recorded in the strangest studio, well large room actually, where the only instruments allowed were Andy and my guitars. We were surrounded by youth from our church youth group who sang along with us. Nearly all tracks were done first take, no overdubs or extra instruments and the recording was completed in just a few hours. Talk about low budget…this album was no budget but with that in mind, it actually came out rather well I think.

The Charge of the Light Brigade was my first solo and definitely my most controversial album. Yep it got banned from all good Christian bookshops.Why? Well humour was only just being allowed in the pulpit, it had yet to enter Christian songs. I thought I would write some ‘tongue in cheek’ songs to get across some serious points, sadly the Christian bookshop owners it seems did not share my sense of humour!

Ready Salted Ishmael and Andy (1973)

1) Salt & Light Company 2) Psalm 139 3) Paddy 4) Son of God 5) Who is He 6) Hallelujah Chorus 7) We got Jesus, We got joy 8) Schitzo 9) Charisma 10) All God’s Children 11) I’m so happy 12) The Lords Army

The Charge of the Light Brigade (1977)

1) Charge of the Light Brigade 2) Spiritual Stagnation 3) Mission to Seagulls 4) Simon and the gypsy 5) I am just a Charismatic 6) Laodicean Church 7) Christian Strait Jacket 8) Sixth Virgin 9) King of Glory 10) Amen and Praise De Lord

Ish’s ‘slightly late’ March Diary Update.

With new friends joining my little Facebook friends group daily, it’s time for me to update them and you with my latest monthly diary updates. Check it out and if I am somewhere near you, do pop along and say hello!
But whilst informing you of visits already booked…
Would the Church you attend like a real ‘all age praise party’ where adults and children can have interactive fun as they learn more about Jesus and the Bible through my simple songs and stories?
Or would the Church you attend like a REAL all age Sunday service when young and old can stay together for a full 60-75 minutes and all enjoy worshipping and learning together as one big family? Believe it or not but I can also do special services especially for Churches just with ‘more mature’ congregations that have few or no children attending.
Or maybe the Church you attend would like a ‘big celebration concert’ where I tell how I became a Christian and also share a bit about my exciting 50 years of ministry whilst interspersing the stories with lots and lots of the favourite songs that I have written over the years?
Or maybe, sadly, the Church you attend has a lot of people who are going through really difficult times where my ‘when the road is rough and steep’ seminar / concert may be more appropriate where I talk and sing about my time facing cancer and trying to deal with bereavement?
Might any one or more of the above add a little sparkle that might bless the Church you attend?
If the answer is a definite no thanks…yea well…no problem, I’ve never been everyones cup of tea!
But if the answer is yes or possibly, please messenger me or drop me an e mail at and I will give you more info about any of the above.
I promise you, a night or weekend visit to you will not be too expensive and I really don’t mind how few or many turn up.
I just want to visit (and hopefully bless) as many of you as I can…whilst I still can!
In the diary dates below I have mentioned a few days that I would be available to visit you whilst in a specific area, apart from that ALL dates (except the ones below obviously) are free for me to come and join you wherever you live in the UK! Distance in no object.

DiaryMarch Sun 22nd Chichester Cathedral duties / Mon 23rd Birdham School assembly / Sat 28th Waddesdon
Sun March 29th Available to do a Sunday morning service anywhere between Aylesbury & Chichester
April Wed 8th Spring Harvest Minehead /
Sat April 18th Available for Saturday Concert or Praise Party in West Country area
Sun 19th Wrington / 23rd-27th Spain
May 2nd -3rd Gillingham / Sun 10th Chichester Cathedral preach / 15th-19th Guernsey / Sat 23rd Forest of Dean
Sun May 24th Available for a morning service between Forest of Dean & Chichester
29th-June 5th Break.
June 13th-14th Birchington / 27th-28th Lymm
July Sun 5th Foots Cray / 10th-12th Golf weekend / 13th-17th Break / Wed 29th Northiam retreat
August Sun 23rd Chichester Cathedral preach / 30th The One Event Lincoln
Sept Sat 5th Chichester / Sun 6th Wolverhampton / 12-13th Haselbury Plunknett / Sat 19th Weston-Super- Mare / Sun 27th Chichester Cathedral duties
Oct 10th-17th Break / Sat 24th Malvern / Sun 25th Chiddingfold / Sat 31st Sandown

Ish’s top 10 for 2019

I thought that you may like to see the top 10 songs of mine, in popularity order, that you sang (or more accurately, your Churches have registered with CCLI) during 2019.
I can’t understand why ‘Wolfy Wolfy’ or ‘Bigger Barn’ are not in the list but there are some interesting songs listed below that I may need to add into my 2020 touring set if you are obviously enjoying singing them in your Churches.

1) Father God I Wonder (of course!)

2) I once was frightened of spiders (expected)

3) We are one we are family together ( a surprise and possible set contender)

4) So I’ve made up my mind (I love singing this song live)

5) I may live in a great big city (another surprise and possible set contender)

6) Blessed is the King who comes (a Palm Sunday special)

7) The creation Song (another song I love singing live)

8) O Lord you’re great (a third surprise but really needs a band to play live)

9) Jesus Christ is risen today (a real shock, a third possible set contender)

10) I will wave my hands in praise and adoration (yet another song that I love singing live and is nearly always in my touring set)

Premier Radio

Just back from London after doing a 45 minute pre-recorded interview for Premier radios breakfast show.

They must have known I have no trouble talking and have lots and lots to talk about because when the interviewer asked me a question it was like lighting the blue touch paper ….off I went!
They had more trouble shutting me up!

I’ll let you know when it’s going out on air.