Felpham Methodist Church Concert tonight

Tonight I will be back at Felpham Methodist Church near Bognor doing the Scripture Song Concert.
Already have done both ‘Sting in the Tale’ and ‘Glorie Days’ concerts here over the past couple of years so I know I will be meeting up again with a very enthusiastic audience!
We begin the fun at 7.00pm and it will all be over by around 8.30pm so young…. or my age….if you live nearby do come and join in the fun!
As a special treat brother will be joining me and adding to the noise with his bass guitar!

Friday November 23rd Stafford

Great news.
Although sadly things didn’t work out for the concert in Stoke on Friday November 23rd, I will now be doing the same concert, on the same night but down the road in Stafford instead.
The ‘Scripture Song Concert’ will be held at the
Stafford Elim Christian Centre
St. Patrick’s Street
ST16 2PL and will begin at 7.30pm.
Suitable for all ages except very young children, do come and join in the fun if you live anywhere nearby.

Friday November 23rd

Sadly my visit to Stoke on Friday November 23rd has had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

However, I will still be in the area as I am in Crewe the day before and Shrewsbury the day after.

This means that I will have an evening free on the Friday.

If you worship anywhere near Stoke (within roughly 25 miles) I would love to pop into your Church and spend an hour or two with you on the Friday?

Obviously at such short notice I’m not expecting large crowds and it may only be your congregation that attend but that is fine.
There will be no cost but I just ask that an offering can be made on the night to help with the expenses.

Time is of the essence so if you are interested please can you e mail me straight away…I promise you a fun and very special night!

e.mail ishmael@ishmael.org.uk

PS. If you have friends or contacts in the area who may not see this post, please can you let them know about it for me. Thanks.

Trouble with the diary

At the moment having a bit of trouble updating the website diary so here are the next few engagements.

Saturday November 3rd Scripture Song Concert at St Thomas a Becket Church in Ramsey.7.00pm start.
Sunday November 4th All Age Service 10.30am in the same Church.

Friday November 9th Scripture Song Concert at Felpham Methodist Church 7.00pm start.
Saturday November 10th Praise Party 6.00pm followed by a Scripture Song Concert 7.30pm at Holy Saviour Church in Bitterne.

Thursday November 22nd Praise Party 6.00pm followed by a ‘Sting in the Tale’ Concert at 7.30pm in New Life Church in Crewe.
Friday November 23rd Praise Party 5.30pm followed by the Scripture Song Concert at 7.30pm in Longton Central Hall in Stoke on Trent.
Saturday November 24th Praise Party 3.00pm followed by Scripture Song Concert at 6.30pm in Holy Trinity Church Belle View, Shrewsbury.
Sunday November 25th All Age Service at the same Church 10.30am (I think) but best check with the Church.

2019 Concerts

Still carefully and prayerfully thinking about and planning my concerts for next year.

Obviously the ‘Scripture Song’ concert is a cert and after August (when I reach 70) the ‘Big Celebration’ concert will come into action.

But then I was thinking about the ‘Sting in the Tale’ testimony concert which I’ve done dozens of times around the country and has been so appreciated and also the ‘Glorie Days’ concert which really never took off!
It’s a shame because I believe the ‘Glorie Days’ concert has some of the most amazing faith building stories, and some of the best songs I think I have written…and without doubt were probably some of my happiest days in ministry!

So I have had an idea.

Starting next year I’m going to combine ‘Sting in the Tale’ and ‘Glorie Days’ and make them into one concert called ‘The History of Ishmael.’

I’ll keep it at 90 minutes long but I will select the best stories and songs from each concert and make it older child friendly and of course fun!

So 3 concerts will be available (for all ages to enjoy) and each Church can choose which they prefer and which would most suit their situation.

Sounds like a plan!