Thursday October 11th anyone?

Great fun last night.

Was invited to speak at a home group which is part of a local vineyard church on how we celebrate Advent at the Cathedral.

Only when I arrived did I realise it was a ladies only group!
Lovely ladies though who seemed to appreciate me waffling on for an hour!

By the way, did I mention that I am looking to do a concert in between Birmingham and Lancashire on Thursday 11th October? ๐Ÿ˜œ

I think I might have mentioned it once or twice but I bet I never mentioned that seeing it is such short notice that I will be happy to do it for FREE with just an offering taken during the concert to help cover expenses!

Numbers attending are not important…I just donโ€™t want to waste a night whilst I am up that way! Please……

Updated dates for this year

12th Hook Norton (Sting in the Tale)
13th Rugby (Sting in the Tale)
14th Finedon (Glorie Day’s & Praise Party)
16th Littlehampton (Preaching at the morning service)
21st Littlehampton (Scripture Song Concert)
30th West Ewell (Special anniversary morning service)

12th OswaldTwistle (Scripture Song Concert & Praise Party in a school)
13th Bradford (Scriptures Song Concert & Praise Party)
14th Bradford (All Age Service)
20th Chiddingfold (Scripture Song concert)
21st Chiddingfold (Special All Age Service)
27th Romford (Sting in the Tale Concert)
28th Romford (When the road is rough & steep seminar and Praise Party)

3rd Ramsey (Praise Party and Scripture Songs Concert)
4th Ramsey (All Age Service)
9th Felpham (Scripture Song concert)
10th Bitterne (Praise Party and Scripture Song Concert)
22nd Crewe (Praise party and A sting in the Tale Concert)
23rd Stoke on Trent (Praise Party & Scripture Song Concert)
24th Shrewsbury (Praise Party & Scripture Song Concert)
25th Shrewsbury (All Age Service)

2nd North Bersted (Scripture Song morning service concert)

2019 So far confirmed and possible visits.
Enfield, Spring Harvest Minehead, Skegness and Harrogate, Swindon, Bristol, Bishop Aukland and Glasgow.

If you are interested in hosting an ‘Ish thing’ in your Church whilst I am somewhere near your area this year please let me know.

e mail me at

Hillingdon Baptist Church Weekend

Just arrived back from my Hillingdon Baptist weekend and wow, what a weekend it was!
The praise party and sting in the tale concert were very enjoyable and well attended and this mornings all age service was packed!

Reg the minister (who I have known for many years at Spring Harvest) and the whole congregation were so welcoming and friendly…They made me feel at home as soon as I arrived!

But I have to say what stands out in my mind was last nights sting in the tale concert.

Those that have seen it know itโ€™s very adult with a lot of chat (my testimony) and comparatively only a few songs.

I was a little worried when I saw some of the children who had been at the praise party taking their seats for the concert. The last thing I ever want to do is bore young children!

I need not have been worried though as they were as good as gold and listened intently for the full 100 or so minutes in fact one young lad enjoyed it more than anything else I did!

So….what do I know about what children appreciate!

Brilliant time. Thank you all at Hillingdon Baptist Church..hopefully see you again in less than 27 years time…which was roughly when I last visited you!

46 Years!

Today Irene and I are celebrating 46 years of love and marriage.

In the sad and difficult times we have always been together to love and support each other.

In the happy and fantastic times (which way outnumber the latter I’m glad to say) we have always been together to love, laugh and celebrate with each other.

The Lord was with us when He brought us together 46 years ago.
The Lord has been very much with us over the past 46 years.
And the Lord will continue to be with us until (eventually) we both go and be with Him…maybe in another 46 years time? ๐Ÿ™‚

Today we celebrate 46 years of loving each other…and even more years of loving the God who brought us together those many years ago.

A very busy and diverse 3 days!

I’ve just finished a busy, slightly tiring and very diverse 3 days!

On Saturday I was in Eastbourne with brother Timbo playing bass.

We started with a brilliant Praise Party that was attended by some very lively, excitable young children but also very well behaved. The minute I started telling them a Bible story they sat very still and you could hear a pin drop!

Then followed the ‘Glorie Days’ concert. I don’t think we have ever had an audience that participated so well…even though some did not know any of the songs!
A fantastic fun concert.

Then on the Sunday morning I preached in the Cathedral and my sermon could be summed with these words…
‘I believe that seekers need to know both the rewards AND the cost of following Christ before they start their Spiritual journey.’
The congregation seemed to appreciate it.

Then today, I’ve just conducted a funeral for an old friend and again the family were very grateful.

So very tired and ready for a few days rest and recovery… well, golf to be precise, it’s the same as resting for me…I find long sleeps and sitting around really boring!

And also it’s time to prepare for 4 concerts, 1 Praise Party and 2 rounds of golf in Lincolnshire next week with my old buddy Alan playing bass for me… at the concerts..not the golf I hasten to add!

Life at the mo is soooo good!
Thank you Lord!