Children’s Hymn Celebration (1992)


Although Ishmael had recorded many albums and written hundreds of new songs he was never one to believe that the new was necessarily better than the old, it was just different. He knew that he could never match the inspirational brilliance of some of the old hymn writers, so he never attempted to do so. With this in mind, he chose some of the favourite old hymns that related to children and also had fond memories for many adults and realizing that they could not be superseded, like the carols, he gave them a contemporary musical arrangement which he hoped would be enjoyed by today’s generation as much as yesterdays.

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Track List
1) All Things Bright And Beautiful
2) I Am So Glad That Our Father In Heaven
3) Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus
4) Praise Him, Praise Him All Ye Little Children
5) The Lord’s My Shepherd
6) He Who Would Valiant Be
7) Jesus Bids Us Shine
8) Tell Me The Old, Old Story
9) Sound The Battle Cry
10) Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
11) What A Friend We Have In Jesus
12) Onward Christian Soldiers

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