A History Of Children – Volume One by Irene Smale (Paperback Only)


Since the dawn of time in every generation, the Human race has understood the importance of education, instruction and training for its children. By teaching life skills, values, and manners, and by instructing youngsters in religion, civilisations and cultures have ensured their future survival. This book offers a fascinating account of how a succession of civilisations – from ancient Egypt to ancient Israel – went about this task. And in the process it offers valuable guidance to parents and teachers today.

Foreword by
The Provost of Bradford
The Very Revd. John Richardson


“Even if you hate history – but love children – this book is for you! Irene Smale shows how the lessons of yesterday will help us to mould our children as the hope for tomorrow. Compulsive reading for all who want to see a new generation ready it, take ground for the King and His Kingdom.”
Dr Clive Calver, President of World Relief, Chicago, USA

“Irene and Ishmael’s work among children is well known for its contemporary, relevant style. Now it is good to have this book to give some of the historical background through the ages – we are all part of history and stand in the tradition or our forefathers, but then add our on unique contribution.”
Martin Goldsmith, Lecturer at All Nations Bible College. UK

“To be ignorant of history is an invitation to repeat its mistakes. The Church has vet to learn the revolutionary value Jesus placed on children and their contribution to church life. Perhaps this is the moment to rectify this error and even become little children ourselves.”
Roger T. Forster, Church Leader, Ichthus Christian Fellowship, UK