Children of the Voice – Books 1, 2, 3 (Downloadable PDF)


This is Ishmael’s first work of fiction, in three books, blending the mood of Pilgrim’s Progress and Animal Farm. Fun for any age, it speak’s volumes about the divisions we so often try to maintain between God’s older children and his younger ones.

Little Trouble is young and inquisitive. He wants to hear the Voice – the One every- one says they go to church to hear. However, the mature rulers of

Oldchurch don’t want their comfort- able world disturbed by Littlehorrors discovering Real Church.

Fed up with Oldchurch he rebels and sets off on an adventure into the Bigwideworld. There is a lot to learn, new friends, and some surprising enemies.

With Little Christian, Buddy, Harmony and Angela, he faces the might of Enemy Superpowers. As the battle rages, he finds his only hope is to listen to the Voice.

Even so the journey takes its toll. Wounded by friends, Little Trouble becomes a loner. He leaves Newchurch and settles for Nochurch. Worst of all he seems to lose touch with the Voice. A new force seems set to destroy him. Will it lead to his downfall? And what can the Newchurch warriors Miraclekid, Hearthunter and Angela do?

This download is in PDF format.