Ishmael’s Songs For Little Children Songbook (Downloadable PDF)


Songbook for 3 of Ish’s most popular albums, The 17 songs in ‘Little Songs For Little Children’ are especially for very young children, The 26 songs on ‘Worship Songs For Little Children’ and ‘Praise Songs For Little Children’ are suitable for all ages.

The songbook contains 43 songs and is available in downloadable PDF format.

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Little Songs For Little Children
1) Quick …on your feet again
2) Hi diddle de hi hi
3) The birds can fly and the monkeys swing
4) On my tip toes I am tall
5) The statue song
6) I may live in a great big city
7) What a team we make
8) Let’s count to 4
9) It’s party time
10) I’m leading a Christian band
11) I will bend down and touch my knees
12) Big thumbs
13) A rabbit can hop around…so can I
14) Sing hallelujah, praise the Lord
15) We are marching along in the power of God
16) Giveaway
17) Let’s praise the King

Worship Songs For Little Children
1) I will always sing of the Lord’s love
2) Lord give me a heart that’s true
3) I raise my hands up high
4) In the quiet I will say Lord I love You
5) You are my God and I will thank You
6) The TV song
7) The Lord loves me
8) Lord take away my sin
9) Lord Jesus I love you
10) I just want to live to please You
11) Praise and glory to the name of Jesus
12) Be happy and be glad
13) Father God I wonder (New worship version)

Praise Songs For Little Children
1) Let heaven and earth praise His holy name
2) For as high as the heavens
3) Praise God in this great congregation
4) Let’s thank the Lord for music
5) Father God created the world
6) The Lord is so cool
7) I’ll sing to You, I’ll bring to You
8) Holy Spirit flow
9) I’m like a little light a shining in the dark
10) This is the Lord’s day
11) Who is King over all the earth
12) How awesome are Your deeds oh Lord
13) Father God I wonder (new praise version)