Ishmael (Rev Ian Smale) has been travelling around internationally in a 'full time' capacity since 1970 and has been privileged to see many men, women and children become Christians, filled with the Holy Spirit and healed, through the work God has called him to.

Having completed a couple of years training at a pentecostal theological college, he went on to spend some years in the Elim pastoral ministry where he was ordained.

For 16 years as well as travelling he was also part of a local eldership team, but now he has been released from local Church responsibility to pursue his calling and vision to spend more time with children and those who have a heart for children throughout the world.

He has written and recorded nearly 400 songs (inc. Father God I Wonder) released 36 albums of his and other writers songs, having produced 15 of these. He has also released 2 music videos and written many books, some of which have been translated into German, Dutch, Danish and Romanian. He has also been on national television many times, and is one of the very few people that has ministered at every Spring Harvest since the beginning. Although he loves spending time with children his heart is to see all ages praising God and having fun together. His travelling time is divided into adult seminars teaching about the importance of children, and the all age musical celebrations that he calls 'Praise Parties'. He also loves to preach and do Bible teaching / ministry for youth and adults.

In the past Ishmael has committed most of his time overseas to the USA and Germany but he has also visited Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Holland, Sweden, Gibraltar, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand,Czech Republic and last but by no mean least a couple of trips to South Africa.

Ish and his wife Irene have three grown up children Joseph, Daniel and Suzy, and a son in law Adam.

Ish was ordained into the Anglican Church in 2007 and is now licensed to Chichester Cathedral as their non-stipendary, ‘Missioner Deacon’ and is affectionately known to the Bishop, Dean and Chapter, and congregation as ‘Deacon Ish!’
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