Ishmaels Songs YouTube channel 2021

If you have not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel Ishmaels Songs please do because in the not so distant future I will have posted up 200 of my songs that you can (hopefully) enjoy watching me sing.

Some of these songs you may be able to use, others you might just enjoying watching. Lots I guarantee will bring a smile to your face.

Diary dates

I’ve left all the postponed diary dates in the diary because some of the Churches are looking for new dates after June when my tours can begin again.

I will leave them as they are for a while and by Easter update the diary and delete those I won’t now be visiting this year.

Time to pick up where we left off!

After a year of not being able to travel and do Praise Parties and All Age Services, it looks like after the end of June, it will be all systems go again, Praise God…..I can’t wait!

If you fancy me popping in for a visit, please do e mail me and let’s have a look at a few dates.

It’s been a tough old year, time to bring some smiles and fun back into the Church.

When I’m on my bed

Busy weekend, I’ve just posted up another video song for you to have a smile at on my YouTube Ishmael’s Songs channel.

You’ll love ‘when I’m on my bed’ for all sorts of reasons!

September Shop Special!

I have decided to ‘sort of’ follow the governments incentive.

Sadly I’m afraid I cannot offer you money off a meal when eating out, but I can offer you a FREE CD / DVD of your choice when you purchase either 2 hard copy CDs / DVDs or 2 downloads from our online shop… just for the month of September.
I’m afraid the latest recording ‘Songs & Hymns’ is not included as a freebie but all other of the many back catalogue CDs and DVDs are.
For downloads this applies worldwide but for hard copy CDs and DVDs that need posting, UK only I’m afraid.

1) Choose and order what 2 products you would like from our website shop2) Then e mail me at and let me know which freebie you would like me to send you.
If you have trouble using PayPal e mail me and you can pay by BACS.

Remember…Special Shop September only.