A couple of Ish news items

Firstly to let you know that I am taking a break away from my office from this Sunday 17th January until Tuesday 26th January. During this time I will not be able to answer your e mails or post off any products from our online shop. You can however still of course put orders in and download products.

Any urgent e mails you want me to see or products you need to receive very quickly, I need to receive those e mails and shop orders today…No rush!

Secondly, believe it or not but I am still adjusting the ‘Sting in the Tale’ evangelistic concert set.

As well as making my life story between songs a lot stronger….. and funnier, I’ve also changed nearly half the songs in the set since the first gig.

Latest additions are acoustic versions of Bartimaeus and Marksman (extended Marksman version to include the very thought provoking final verse) as both these are powerful story songs with a definite sting in the tale.

Sorry to keep pushing it but this really is a fun powerful evening which I believe Christians and those seeking would really appreciate. Do contact me if you fancy a concert in your Church.