My Tot Fest adventure!

Well, I guessed that there were going to be a few surprises on this gig…and there were!

To start with I don’t think that I have ever done a gig in such a remote field! To get there I had to drive down a long dark (because of overhanging trees) single track road with very few passing spaces.

It really was scary reversing when I came face to face with another vehicle. Then when I reached the field where people were camping (on quite a steep hill) I found myself skidding all over the place due to the rain that was falling.

Then we met our organisers who were lovely people and I was kindly offered beer, wine and a pizza…before the gig!

I hasten to add that I never eat food or drink alcohol before a gig…I look forward to doing that afterwards! As I was setting up I watched 33 large pizza’s placed on hay bales around me and also watched them disappear in minutes thanks to young and old hungry campers!

Then I did the Tot Praise Party helped by a generator outside the marquee and it really was great fun! Even though it had stopped raining, many adults and children (some having no link with Church) stayed in the marquee and listened and joined in singing the songs enthusiastically.

It really was a wonderful experience and Praise Party and well done to those who organise it each year.

It confirmed to me yet again that you don’t have to be preachy or Churchy to communicate the love of Jesus to people who do not liked being preached at and who would never consider attending a Sunday service in a Church building.