All Hallows Party

Off to Quedgeley community centre near Stroud today to take part in an All Hallows party for children.
Whilst I will be playing a lot of fun Christian songs the organiser has arranged games, eats, and will be sharing the story of Lazarus…which seems highly appropriate today!
Should be a lot of fun bringing bright light to these children, whilst others elsewhere will be involved in the darker side of this day!
However, it’s not all work and no play (or in my case all play and no work) because on my way home tomorrow I will be going on a rather enjoyable course…Swindon golf course to be precise!
I will be meeting up with my cousin Graham who will be leading me on this course.
If asked what his handicap is I feel sure that he would reply…playing golf with Ish…do I hear some of my golfing chums out there saying….AMEN!