Sad times.

I have some very happy times being a chaplain to my old hospital ward and visiting it most weeks and becoming good friends with Leukaemia sufferers.
I’m even more happy when they pull through the treatment and transplants and carry on enjoying life.
But sadly this is not always the case, some don’t.
A while ago I met and became friends with a lovely young guy but as time and treatment progressed it became very clear that the treatment was not working for him although of course on every visit, I prayed for him and hoped for a miracle.
A couple of weeks ago he told me that his time left on earth was going to be short.
I was with him twice last week discussing of all things his funeral arrangements and although I knew he was dying, he did not look or act like he was.
That is why it still came as a big shock to me when a relative texted me yesterday and told me that he had died.
Death may no longer have a sting or a victory but it still has a big impact on those of us left on earth.
Although of course I can’t disclose any names, prayers would be valued for all the family and close friends at this sad time.