It’s Christmas Day.

I would like to wish all of my lovely website family a very happy Christmas day but…I do realise that for some of us this day cannot be truly happy because over the past year / years we have lost family and friends who have been very near and dear to us and Christmas Day is not going to be the same without them with us.
But…please be assured of my thoughts and prayers.
I do however hope that we are all able to give thanks to God for sending His son Jesus to earth.
For me though, although celebrating the baby Jesus in a manger is wonderful, it is even more wonderful that this baby grew into the man who 33 years later died upon a cross then 3 days later rose again and brought salvation to mankind.
You see, I find it impossible to celebrate Christmas without celebrating Easter at the same time!
My prayer today is that on this special day, we all sense the love of Jesus and feel the presence of God close by us.X