Special Weekend

It would be hard to put into words the amazing day I spent with the vineyard children’s leaders at their national conference near Northampton yesterday.

I did 2 one hour sharing sessions.

Session 1 What I have learned from the good times telling them lots of stories about my many years ministering to children.

Session 2 what I have learned from the difficult times sharing about cancer and bereavement.

The response to both was incredible.
I have not been invited to speak to childrens leaders for years which made even more special.

Thank you Dave (one of the organisers) for inviting me…and really honouring me in a way I’m sure I don’t deserve.

I feel I still have so much experience to pass onto those ministering to children which would help them in their calling.

As we drove home I called into Guildford hospital to visit my good golfing buddies 39 year old daughter who has just been diagnosed with AML leukaemia.

Prayers for her as she begins her treatment would be appreciated