This happened today

To follow on from the amazing phone contact that happened yesterday, this morning I visited the couple and spent over an hour with them having a wonder chat and prayer.

The husband is Mike and his wife with cancer of the liver is Jenny.

I asked permission to mention them by name as I would like you would join me in praying for Jenny and of course Mike and the family at this difficult time.

Both Mike and Jenny are dedicated Christians and younger than me and Jenny feels that she has more to do in life down here.

The main cancer was discovered in the bile duct but this has spread to the liver.

Jenny is not on chemo at the moment and has asked for specific prayer as she feels very wobbly and very tired. She’d love to have the energy to go out of the house a bit and have less difficulty in walking.

In a couple of weeks time she will be going for a scan so I will remind you to pray for her nearer the time before she goes in for this.