Friday night and today.

It took quite a few ‘Sing in the Tale’ concerts before I felt that I had the right mix of stories and songs…which now I feel is just right.

However on Friday night brother Timbo and I performed it’s successor ‘Glorie Days’ for the first time since Spring Harvest and I was really pleased with both the mix of stories and songs and thrilled with the audience response!

It was almost like being back in the Glorie Company…but with people more my age rather than 8-11 year olds!

Today I’m driving up to St Mary’s Church in Horsham to take part singing and preaching at 2 services for them which I am really looking forward to.

Value a bit of pray though as I’m suffering from a heavy cold, nothing serious but coughing, sneezing and having to blow my nose all the time is rather annoying when you want to give of your best!

I won’t be hugging anyone that’s for sure!