Hearing problems!

As some of you know, since my intensive cancer treatment I have had a serious hearing disability.

Harley Street informed me it’s not straight deafness, I suffer from speech indiscrimination. That means unless a person speaks very clearly, I just hear the sounds of their voice but my brain cannot work quickly enough to pick up their words without them having to be repeated.

This is really debilitating as it rules out me going to shows, lectures even sitting at a hospital patients bedside and understanding their words can at times be very difficult.

Thankfully I have no problem preaching or doing concerts….although a good foldback speaker really does help!

Anyway, yesterday i went into a Chemist to buy some treatment for my cold (which thankfully is now all but gone) and the lady serving behind the counter mumbled something that I couldn’t pick up.

When, as I ofter have to do, I asked her to repeat herself,…with great exaggeration she started mouthing each word slowing as if I were stupid.

When i explained to her that I had a hearing difficulties she just said well I couldn’t see your hearing aids and…they can’t be working.

It’s strange but nobody would mock anyone with a sight disability but so many consider it ‘open season’ to make fun of those with hearing problems.

Of course I won’t report the counter lady because we all at times say things we may regret afterwards but I did clearly let her know that she had over stepped the mark and she should never do that again!

Here’s hoping my words did not fall on deaf ears!