The Midlands mini ‘Sting’ tour review.

Great time with minister Graham and friends at Coventry Baptist Church on Tuesday.
Lovely warm hearted people.
I was reminded of Jesus quote ‘in my fathers house are many rooms’….This church building must have the most rooms inside it I’ve ever seen. 
Even the members were unsure how many there rooms there are!

Another wonderful ‘Sting in the Tale’ concert followed on Wednesday in Erdington in Birmingham. The audience were so enthusiastic!
I was invited there by my long time chum ‘Mr Banana’ otherwise known as Peter Green.
Pete was running a thriving childrens work at Spring Harvest just prior to the Glorie Company who succeeded his great ‘fruity’ team.
I really do enjoy doing these tours as every night I seem to be meeting up with old friends whilst of course making lots of new ones!

The final night of this midland mini tour was in Nuneaton last night.
Although the audience was small, there were 2 very significant things that made tonight’s concert very special and made me feel so pleased to be there.

The first were the lovely people I met and chatted to including the wonderful Vicar Kelly.
And the second was I believe that God specifically wanted a couple of people there to hear what I had to share.

And at the end of the day…that’s what makes these concerts so worthwhile.