Latest booking info.

Just some latest booking info as things keep changing.

Tomorrow I am doing a ‘sting’ concert at Crossways Christian Centre in St Ives Cambridgeshire, then on Thursday I will be doing another ‘Sting’ concert at St Mary’s Church in Comberton. Refreshments at 7 with a 7.15 start.
If you live near either, do try and get along.

On October 31st I will be doing a special ‘Praise Party’ in Bradford on Avon being held in the Public Hall in the town centre. This begins at 5.30 and there will be refreshments and craft as well.

The training day in Amersham on November 7th has been cancelled…so I’m no longer looking for bookings around that area the day before or after.

But..I really am looking to do other concerts on Thursday January 18th and Friday January 19th around Aylesham where I will be on the Saturday.

As I will also begin touring with the ‘Glorie Day’s concert next year, if you would prefer to host that rather than ‘Sting’ no problem. Financial details are the same. Concert details below.
Please get in touch asap if interested.

During 2018 / 2019 I will be touring Churches nationally to perform the new ‘Glorie Days’ concert.

Although I know adults will enjoy this concert I have also made it suitable for older children, but to clarify, this is NOT a children’s Praise Party reinvented under a different name!

There will be a bit of chat as I tell of some of the wonderful things that we learned and saw whilst working with children.

The songs will be both interactive and encourage participation, but it is a seated concert so I will not be asking people to jump up and down doing dances…unless of course they choose to!

So it’s an evening of faith building stories and favourite songs that I have written over the years that were first introduced to children but soon became the favourites of all ages.