Concert songs list

Having gratefully received a list of the favourite Scripture Songs you enjoyed singing I thought it might be an idea to let you know what songs i will be singing at the “Sting in the Tale’ and the ‘Glorie Days’ concerts.

This will give all those coming to either concert or planning to book one, the chance to remind yourselves of the songs beforehand so on the big day you can come along ready to belt out the singing with me!

At the ‘Sting’ concert which includes my edited life story (testimony) and is more suitable for adults, we will be singing Nicodemus, The Grunting song, King of glory, 2 Timothy 2, Laodecean Church, Delight yourself, Down in a noisy small valley and Father God I wonder.

At the Glorie Days concert that is suitable for older children as well, we will be singing It’s amazin what praisin can do, Lord you put a tongue, Down in a noisy small valley, Jehovah Jireh, Put on the sword, We will praise we will praise, Spiders, GLORIE, We are the Glorie Company, We are in God’s army, I will wave my hands, 5000+, Though the grass, Why do you look here, My God shall supply, Jesus said if you have faith, You never put a light, What a long hard day it’s been, Glorie train and Father God I wonder.

Do any of these songs bring back any memories????? Try and come to one of the concerts and join me in singing them one last time!

Still time to book either concert this year and remember, large audiences are not important and it can cost the local Church as little as £50 to host one!