Help needed please

Ok Glorie Gang.

A bit of help needed from those who have listened to my Scripture Song CDs over the past 40 years!

Just working on the new ‘Glorie Days Are Here Again’ concert which will be premiered at Spring Harvest Minehead on Wednesday April 4th then (God willing and if people want me) performed nationally throughout 2019.

But as I said I do need your help.

All the songs for that concert will be my Bible and Scripture songs.

I’ve already selected most of the set but…as some of you know I have written dozens of Scripture songs and would like to know your favourite or favourites out of the following to help me to choose which ones to do.

Here’s 7 possibles.

1) Jesus said let little children come unto me 2) 39 Thirty Nine 3) In the 16th verse of chapter 3 4) Do not store up treasures on earth 5) For if you forgive men when they sin against you 6) Don’t be afraid 7) We believe in Hebrews 13:8

If you have never heard of any of them may I suggest you go to my website shop and buy the two 52 Scripture Songs CDs…Great way to learn Scripture! (Unintentional Plug)!

Many thanks.